Transfer Tunes to your iPod without a PC

by Al

Known as the iLoad this device lets you transfer music from CD directly to your iPod without the need of a PC (or Mac). Simply put a CD into the iLoad, connect it to your iPod (compatible with all models), select which tracks you want and the iLoad will then convert them to MP3 and copy them over to your music player. It takes about 9 minutes to do a …

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The mother of all multimedia armchairs

by Paz

Multimedia armchair.

OK, your wife hates you and your children don’t respect you, but you can be king every time you sit in this magnificent multimedia chair. It has built in speakers, and even shakes; converting low frequency, sub woofer signals into mechanical vibrations. Connect it to your home theatre, or PC or PlayStation console if you’re gaming, and enjoy the ultimate multimedia experience.

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SlingBox Video Streamer

by Lexia

SlingBox Remote Video Streaming Device

This is one cool gadget for the TV addict. The SlingBox (by Sling Media) is an easy-to-use device that plugs into your satellite, cable, DVD or DVR and transmits the video signal over a broadband connection to your remote PC desktop, mobile or PDA. So, you’ll never have to miss your favourite show when you’re away from the living room.

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One gadget to rule them all.

by Paz

The Hanaro Plus Cam

This one gadget that seems to do everything, and I’m wondering if it’s too much. I know convergence is the latest craze in consumer electronics, but this is ridiculous! When you buy the Hanaro Plus, you get: • A 1.3 mega pixel digital camera • A web cam • A wireless microphone and speaker • A video camera with 30 frames a second video capability • A USB hub • …

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The new multimedia glasses from KJ Global.

by Paz

Multimedia glasses.

I hope these multimedia glasses aren’t a hangover from this year’s April Fool’s Gadgets, because I really want a pair of these. The glasses hook-up to an external A/V port on your video player, and have built-in stereo earphones. I travel a lot and always have to take pot luck on the in-flight film, but with these I can decide in advance what I want to watch.

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Review of the Swissbit, S.Beat 1Gb MP3 Player

by Al

Swissbit S.Beat

One of the cool things about running a gadget site is we always have tax deductible excuse to buy stuff and one of the even cooler things is we often get sent stuff to play with review for free. When parcels turn up I always seem to have friends who were never interested in writing before but are now more than willing to be a reviewer, so thanks go to …

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Traveler Digital Camera DC-5080 (5MP with webcam support)

by Keith

Traveler DC-5080

For the last one week, I was eyeing on this new model of Traveler digital camera from Germany. For some reason, it caught my interest when I was shopping at Aldi, when they announced a product to be released this week. The Traveler Digital Camera DC-5080 has a 5-megapixel, sufficiently large enough to take really good quality pictures. In addition, the 1.7-inch LCD colour display allows you to see more …

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Search Your Conversations

by Al

IBM Magic Block

IBM are an innovative company but they seem to of been out of the limelight in recent years. I’ve just read about an interesting new product they have in development called the IBM Magic Block. The name Magic Block didn’t fill me with confidence however what it does sounds pretty cool.

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