Hipper Mood Creator

by Al

Here at CG we seem to come across quite a few color morphing lights, we’ve had eggs, Jellephish and bubbles. Another one to the party is the Hipper Mood Creator color morphing light, though this one is a bit different.

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CD Carousel Plus with USB support

by Paz

CD carousel with USB support

This CD carousel is a real find for me. Being a music as well as a gadget lover, I have about 600 audio CDs. As you can imagine, organising them is somewhat problematic.

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Dual VHS and DVD recorder from Sony

by Paz

Sony dual DVD and VHS recorder

Another retro gadget closely on the heels of the laser turntable we featured last week. From Sony, this is a dual VHS video and DVD recorder due to go on sale in the next few days for around $300. I tried to get some specs for supported formats etc, but the only pages I could find were in Japanese. Luckily I have a Firefox extension with a built-in Google Translate …

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Build your own iPod Boom Box

by Al

DIY Boom Box

What ever happened to the old Boom Box, that annoying stereo that was carried around on idiots peoples shoulders and blasted out so called music at ear damaging decibels. I’m pleased to say I’ve not seen one (and more importantly heard one) in years but that could be about to change!

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Laser Turntable for $15,000

by Paz

Laser turntable.

This a laser gadget that can burn a hole in your pocket, but at least it leaves your vinyl discs undamaged. I really miss music on vinyl. I still have 50 or so LPs in one of my Mum’s cupboards and she keeps nagging me about it them but I’ve never let her get rid of them because I knew a gadget like this would come one day.

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USB Turntable (Rip Vinyl)

by Al

USB Vinyl Turntable

Before MP3 there was Cd’s, before that tapes and even earlier still there was vinyl (and somewhere along the way mini-discs came and went). Though vinyl still seems to be alive (just) it’s not the most portable of formats. This latest gadget the USB Turntable helps you rip your vinyl collection onto your PC so you can carry it around in your pocket rather than a rucksack. You connect the …

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Extreme Sports Camcorder

by Al

Action Camera

You can’t exactly go skydiving, para-sailing or even go karting with an ordinary old camcorder as you kind of need your arms for other things which is probably the reason why Action camera’s have released the ATC-1000 hands free camcorder.

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MP3 player with built-in pedometer

by Paz

MP3 player with built-in pedometer

I don’t do the exercise word, and hadn’t even considered it recently until I saw this cool MP3 player with a built-in pedometer. I guess many people aren’t keen on jogging, a session in the gymnasium, or even a brisk walk, because they find it boring. Imagine how much more tolerable it would be if you had an MP3 player to listen to a few of your favourite tracks whilst …

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