Hidden Infra-Red Receivers

by Al

My living room is full of electrical equipment, the mandatory wide-screen, DVD player, PS2, cable TV box, PC, etc. Many of essential devices are controlled via remote, which causes a bit of a problem when it’s behind a cabinet door.

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Bug Too digital radio

by Paz

Bug Too digital radio

I’m not sure if digital radio has taken off as well as people had hoped. The only time I listen to the radio these days is when I’m in the car, and to be honest an FM reception would be good enough.  A sweet-looking gadget like might persuade me to go digital though!

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Tiny FM Transmitter

by Al

GT Cube FM Transmitter

One of my friends has got an FM Transmitter for his iPod. It simply plugs into the iPod’s earphone socket and transmits what ever is playing to a set FM station meaning you can easily listen to what’s playing on your iPod on your car stereo wire free. The GT Cube is the same sort of thing but in a much smaller box. It incorporates a microphone so can also …

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Football Remote

by Al

Football Remote Control

We’re probably a bit late reporting on this one but as England are playing today it seemed appropriate to mention the Philips Universal Remote – World Cup Party Edition. The World Cup remote control is shaped and colored like a football pitch. The buttons are colored and positioned as opposing players but must admit it’s a formation I’ve never seen before. The only reason I’d need this remote when watching …

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Seeing with sound headset

by Paz

Seeing with sound headset

When I first started writing on this blog one of the things I wrote about is why people have such a passion for gadgets. I argued that people bought gadgets because they wanted either to show off, collect them as fashion accessories, or because they hadn’t lost their childhood love of toys. I missed one class of gadgets that can fundamentally improve people’s quality of life, and this device would fall …

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Electronic Finger Drums

by Al

Electronic Drums

I used to play drums when I was younger, I wasn’t particularly good so made up for my lack of musical ability by purchasing an ever growing kit. So even if I sounded crap at least I had about 18 drums to hide behind. Going to the opposite extreme I can now get this nano like finger drum set to annoy my listeners with :). The Finger Drums are about …

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DIY widescreen projectors

by Paz

DIY widescreen projector

Here’s an excellent home DIY project; a widescreen projector for the ultimate home theatre system – on a budget. The project plans are available free from Lumenlab.com, who sell all the components needed to construct the system, or they can even supply complete systems for $499 for those who of you who are a bit nervous about building the projector yourself.

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USB Webcam with Night Vision

by Al

Webcam with Night Vision

This is another one of those “Why hasn’t it been done before” gadgets, a Webcam with night vision. So your friends can see who they’re talking to even if the lights are off. I must admit I do wonder about the sort of people who would use a webcam like this. Okay I think I can guess the sort of people that would benefit from a camera like this, just …

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