First Microsoft Ultra-PC Disappoints

by Paz

After all the hype before the official launch of the new Microsoft Origami hand-held, the debut of the gadget itself has been something of an anti-climax. Having compared the functionality of the device with what’s been promised over the previous months; we have to say we’re distinctly unimpressed.

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Speakers in your Sneakers

by Al

Speaker Trainers

I had to laugh when I read about these new sneakers (trainers not chocolate bars to us UK folk). Dada (that well known footwear manufacturer that I’ve never heard of) are releasing a new kind of sneaker called CODE M that incorporates an MP3 player and speakers.

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LG Philips Develop 100 Inch Plasma TV

by Paz

LG Philips 100 inch television

The team at are pleased to pass their congratulations to LG Philips for developing the world’s largest LCD television panel – with a whopping 100 inch panel.

There’s just one problem we can see though. We’d have to move the couch into the kitchen to fit this TV into our living room. In fact with a price tag of $100,000 dollars, we’d have to sell the couch, and most of the kitchen, to make the first down payment.

Would any of you guys buy one of these monsters?

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iPod Hi-Fi

by Al

iPod Hi-Fi

Apple announced their new iPod Hi-Fi today, the design looks clean but to me just looks like a white speaker with handles (wonder where they got that idea from) and not only that you still need an iPod if you want to do anything but look at it. It’s an interesting idea having your music collection with you at all times but in my living room I want the full …

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74 Inch InFocus Projector

by Al

Infocus 76 inch Projector

If you’ve got to have the biggest amongst your mates, forget Plasma’s you need a projector. The new IN72 by InFocus is looking like a good but cheap set-up for any home cinema. Costing about 850UKP the IN72 is relatively cheap but that is not reflected in the feature list or the sexy black shiny finish (never thought I’d be calling a projector sexy :)) It’s due to be available …

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iPod Nano Gets Even Smaller

by Al

Okay the headline maybe a little misleading but as from today there is now a 1GB model to go alongside the 2 and 4 GB versions. So if you’re a bit strapped for case you can enjoy Apple’s digital accommodation for 240 songs for just under $150. More info in the Apple store.

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Fastest Consumer 3D Graphics Processor (GPU) from HIS

by Keith


Hightech Information System Limited (HIS) has delivered the latest Gamers’ gadget last week, promised to bring thrills and adrenalin rush down those fast 3D game enthusiasts. Introducing the HIS X1900XTX, HIS X1900XT and HIS X1900 CrossFire Edition graphic cards, the fastest 3D graphics processor available right now, known to be the fastest GPU on the planet.

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Plantronics Pulsar 590A Headphones – A New Generation

by Keith

Plantronics Pulsar 590A

It did not take long before Bluetooth technology started creeping into communication devices, such as mobile phones and Handheld PDAs. Built on the wireless platform, Bluetooth has several enhancement and it is not long before Plantronics, professional headphone makers, takes advantange of the technology and come up with the one and only Plantronics Pulsar. The Plantronics Pulsar™ 590 Series Bluetooth® Stereo Headsets deliver the ultimate in wireless freedom! Allowing users …

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