Apple-worthy iPad® Stand

by Alison

Apple revolutionized the world of PC design. Heck even going back to the SE/30 in the 80s, Apple always took the look of the unit as seriously as the unit itself. And oh boy, has it paid off. The iPad has become the “can’t live without it” device for many. Some even incorporate them into desk environments as an additional resource while working. On its own it looks just as …

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One Device, Four Ways to Charge

by Alison

We can never get enough power. Come on. Admit it. You have done crazy things to get power. There is the “turn on your dying laptop to leak some USB power into your phone” trick. Or the “go sit in the car and use the car charger to make a phone call” routine. I am sure you have more stories. Share them below if you want! If you prefer to …

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Zooka – Let’s Get Loud!

by Julie

  I try not to spend a bunch of time dwelling on the negative, but if I do try and think of the downside of some of my newer technology I keep coming up with this… I hate to wear headphones. Yes, I can appreciate the big sound that a great pair of phones can give me, but sometimes I just want to lay my device down and have some …

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The NEW Bamboo Stylus Pocket – Because Fingers are Fat

by Julie

I honestly hate my husbands Smartphone, whenever we’re in the car and he asks me to answer a text for him, I hate it even more. I can’t say that I have particularly chubby fingers, but I can never seem to get through a whole text without mis-typing several letters. I can think of a few phones, tablets, or even some apps that could truly benefit from a nice stylus… …

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Furby: u-nye-loo-lay-doo?

by Julie

Every year as the weather starts to turn cooler and the kids go back to school, I start to get a feel for the holiday presents I will need to get my hands on right away, for whatever reason smack in the middle of September, it all becomes crystal clear… time to dust off my credit card and grab one or two things that I know I probably wont be …

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The Impossible Instant Lab – for High Tech Retro Photos

by Julie

Is there anyone out there (thats old enough) that didn’t own a Polaroid camera? I remember when one of those little fold up leatherette SX-70 cameras was about as high tech as you could get. Listening to the little motor grind as the picture fed out of the hopper, warming the picture against your chest or waving it in mid-air in the hopes of hastening the developing process. The camera …

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Does the iPhone 5 Make your Old Accessories Obsolete?

by Julie

I’m on the fence as to how I feel about the new iPhone. I can say that I only recently broke down and got the 4S… only weeks before the 5, which always happens to me. When I start to feel really aggravated I think about all those iGizmo makers, all their stuff just got obsolete as well. The iPhone 5 has a brandy-new plug… it won’t work with things …

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Apple announces iPod nano

by Edwin

So there is no new iPod shuffle at yesterday’s press event by Apple at the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco, California, but that does not mean that things have not gotten slimmer during the announcements. Not only were we treated to the thinnest iPhone to date as well as the slimmest iPod touch ever, we also have another superlative title introduced for the reinvented iPod nano, which is touted …

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