Let the iPad Take a Fall

by Alison

I am the biggest klutz I know. Ask anyone who knows me. There is never a week that goes by where I don’t have a bump or bruise. At least I admit my fault. So you can imagine, when it comes to gadgets I make the investment in the proper protection. In which case, I just found my next iPad case.

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Natural iPhone Amplification

by Alison

Remember the Flintstone’s phone? I always wanted one as a kid. And the moment when my mom explained that I would not be able to talk to people through a cow (or in Fred’s case a dinosaur) horn I was crushed! But seriously the horns provide the perfect acoustic shape. Hammacher Schlemmer thinks so too.

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Your Phone’s Camera = Microscope

by Alison

Phone and tablet cameras are lifesavers! We snap photos of people and places we enjoy but if you are like me you also use it to capture things like take out menus or where you parked at the mall. Or it can even serve as a rudimentary scanner in some cases. Popular Mechanics decided to publish another use for these cameras which we think you will enjoy.

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Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer – Great Pictures, No Ink!

by Julie

I like to consider myself a fairly serious amateur photography. I love taking pictures. I do find that I end up taking more shots than I thought I would with my iPhone. I mean, the iPhone isn’t really meant for real picture-taking, but sometimes the phone lets you get a shot you would have missed altogether, and it is a handy item for those “about town” shots with your friends. …

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Top Brewer- Makes your iPhone a Barista!

by Julie

  You have to admit the iPhone sure has brought a lot to the party. There really is no end to what it is capable of, we have already told you about checking your glucose levels with it, monitoring the performance of your car, stalking your neighbors or simply finding the nearest gas station, and now, your iPhone can make you coffee, and not just any coffee either.

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Arcade Pinball for iPad

by Edwin

The iPad has definitely changed the way the world looked at tablets, and here we are with the £49.99 Arcade Pinball for iPad which will make full use of your tablet. After all, since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, picking up the Arcade Pinball for iPad would let you let off some stress after a particularly long hard day at work. Of course, the iPad …

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Netflix – Just for Kids

by Julie

I know theres been a lot of changes happening over at Netflix, and some folks are fans, others… not so much. I happen to fall into the fan category. I opted to give up the rentals by mail and use only the streaming videos, along with my regular cable, and using Google TV, I have to say I am NEVER without entertainment options, but do I want my little one …

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Libratone Zipp AirPlay speaker is a true blue portable device

by Edwin

Libratone has just made an announcement for the first no-compromise and hassle-free wireless speaker in the market, calling it the Libratone Zipp. You know that you have got yourself quite the winner here with the Libratone Zipp, where it comes in an attractive and compact form factor that is also proud to be the first and only device which is capable of delivering the performance and convenience of AirPlay without …

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