[email protected] plus – Your TV, Where you Want It

by Julie

I’m always trying to download movies and TV shows to my iPad and Android devices, TV watching is indeed the best time killer for me. If I have to wait for my daughter’s volleyball practice, or for a doctors appointment, a little television makes the time go by so much faster. Wish I could just take my TV with me everywhere.

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“Watch” Me Charge

by Alison

Face it. There are some inconvenient times and places to see “1% battery” on your device. Be it during an important phone call, while you are about to break a video game record or taking a picture with your favorite actor who happened to be on your airplane flight – battery drainage never seems to happen at a good time. Plenty of portable charging devices exist, yet many take the …

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Apple updates their Mac mini, is cheapest Mac to date

by Edwin

When someone says that he or she is going to pick up an Apple Mac computer, you would most probably think that said person does have a pretty full bank account to begin with. After all, Mac computers do carry the reputation (which is not that true anymore these days) that they are more expensive than their PC counterparts. For folks who want the Apple experience without the need for …

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Apple updates iPad, some call it the iPad 3S

by Edwin

It seems that apart from the Mac mini, there is an incremental update being made to the mainstay of Apple’s tablet business, which would be the new iPad. Of course, having said that, the new iPad of the past is not so new any more with the updated fourth generation iPad with Retina Display, where it will pack a faster A6X processor that can be found in the iPhone 5. …

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Apple unveils stunning new iMac

by Edwin

Apple has done it again, and after so many generations of the iMac, here we are with the slimmest version to date. The all-new iMac sports one of the most stunning industrial designs ever, where it will be accompanied by a brilliant display alongside reduced reflection, not to mention faster processors that make up part of Intel’s third generation quad-core Ivy Bridge processors, powerful NVIDIA graphics as well as an …

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Apple unveils the iPad mini

by Edwin

It is Apple picking time today, and here we are with a spanking new iPad for the mass market. In fact, you can say that if the late Steve Jobs were to be around today, there might not be an iPad mini, or he would unapologetically claim that there is a need in the 7” tablet market that Apple wants to create upon the iPad mini’s announcement, never mind the …

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Siri, Start my Car! – Viper SmartStart

by Julie

Getting the car started certainly wasn’t anything I ever thought I’d like a gadget to help me with. I mean, you get in the car and turn the key, heck, my car doesn’t even need you to use the key, but now winter is coming, and it’s early in the morning and the car is freezing cold, you know, maybe having that baby warm up for a couple of minutes …

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Applehour – iAccessories CHEAP?

by Julie

It’s one thing to spend a ton of money on your gadgets, but it’s yet another to have to turn around and spend another small fortune on all the accessories that go with it, and I have to say that it seems like all those cases and covers, no matter how bejeweled they may be, are just ridiculously overpriced.

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