Boom Dock iSpeaker

by Edwin

When it comes to docking stations for the iOS-powered range of devices, these are dime a dozen. In fact, dime a dozen does not really describe it best, it would be a gazillion iDocks hanging around on store shelves, looking pitifully at the masses who walk by each day, hoping that someone would rescue them from such a mediocre existence so that they can really show off to the listener …

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Griffin announces Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

by Edwin

You know that your smartphone is one of the more expensive impulse purchases that you can make (from the technological point of view that is unlike jewelry or an expensive watch, where the final price point is not to say that expensive, and yet it is crucial enough to warrant a purchase), so it makes perfect sense to do your bit and purchase adequate protection for it. Case in point …

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3-D Customizable iPhone Case

by Alison

In the run up to the International Consumer Electronics Show CG wants to keep you informed of the hot products. The Best of Innovations winner in the Software & Mobile Apps category proves to change how we think about our iPhone case. Admit it, the phone is an extension of us. As you are unique and individual, your case should be too!

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TaskOne iPhone case

by Edwin

Protecting your spanking new iPhone is definitely high on the agenda of many folk, even more so if this is the first smartphone that they have ever owned. Well, there are tons of iPhone cases out there to choose from, and the sheer number of it all can be very overwhelming, especially for the most meticulous folks out there who love to do research on all of the upcoming devices …

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Blimp iPhone Fan

by Edwin

For folks living in countries where there are four seasons, isn’t it great to know that the heat turns up only when summer arrives? As for others who live in tropical climates, or even worse, in the desert areas, then you have only two seasons – hot, and hotter. Which is why an iPhone accessory such as the $12.99 Blimp iPhone Fan is ideal for everyone, as you are bound …

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Mirrorcase for iPhone

by Edwin

There are smartphone cases, and then there are smartphone cases. If you are looking for something unique to stuff your spanking new iPhone into, then you would not be able to go wrong with the Mirrorcase for iPhone. After all, what more can you ask for in a protective case that also doubles up with an extension of an angled mirror? Basically, this embedded mirror is not meant for you …

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Lifeproof for iPhone 5

by Edwin

So you have decided to take the plunge and settle for the iPhone 5 as your smartphone of choice. What would the next step be? Why, picking up a protective case for it, of course. After all, there is no need to worry about tiny scratches, knocks, and perhaps the accidental drop when you have your iPhone 5 safely stashed away in a decent case, and the folks over at …

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Laptop Functions for an iPad

by Alison

  There are hoards of iPad cases, keyboards, speakers and the like out there. Heck, we report on some of the best virtually every day. As iPad’s increase in popularity they really become as valuable if not more-so than our laptops. Slowly but surely we are able to do more and more of our daily functions on these revolutionary tablets. So why not enable yourself the familiar laptop comfort and …

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