Feel that Touch Screen Keyboard!

by Alison

Raise your hand if you went from Blackberry to iPhone or Android devices. The only regret I found after the switch was the lack of tactile keys on the keyboard. You probably knew – or were – a finger keyboarder that could put full keyboarders to shame. Ever see someone type while looking up. Yep. RIM really taught us all the art of tactile mini-keyboard typing. By now typing on …

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Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad announced

by Edwin

Just what is your primary computing device of choice? Is it an Ultrabook, a regular sized notebook, or a tablet? I suppose that Apple really made the most out of the tablet revolution, ushering it even, and setting standards for the rest of the industry to follow at the beginning on how a tablet is done right. Well, if the iPad has ended up as your primary means of working …

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Touch-Sensitive iPhone Case

by Alison

When will smartphones read our minds?! I don’t know about you but sometimes I think “touching the screen is too much hassle.” Sure it is lazy, but you know the day will come. So what happens in the meantime? A Minneapolis-based company wants to bring us closer to the future of further interaction with our phones thanks to touch.

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A ChargeCard…Literally

by Alison

Anyone who goes travels – whether across the globe or across town – knows the importance of keeping chargers on the ready. You never know when you may have a few seconds to charge up. Keeping the cables organized is a different story though. Personally, my travel bag always resembles a hornets nest. Between cables and headphones. Bleeeech! It’s a mess. And gosh forbid you are totally on the go …

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iPad To Television Dock

by Edwin

So you have got this great video that you have stored on your iPad, and want to share it with everyone else at the office or at home. The thing is, your iPad’s display is not really that large, and it would be inconvenient for some folks to view the video you play upside down, not to mention them not being able to drink in all the visual details that …

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Phone Reminders on Your Wrist

by Alison

Anyone paying attention to advancements in the world of using your watch as a helpful, connected device certainly look forward to 2013. Rumors of an Apple watch keep circulating. The long awaited launch of the Pebble was announced at CES. Health and fitness watch features flourished. And something called the Cookoo watch made some headlines. Some of you may look forward to checking texts and emails on a watch. Some can’t go …

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iPotty…the Name Says It All

by Alison

Parents everywhere are turning to their iPad to assist in educating and entertaining children. Thousands of quality learning apps exist to help everything from speaking to writing. Games help little ones kill time – and improve skills in some cases. And of course the iPad mobility with movies and TV shows becomes a life saver in some situations…a babysitter as some would say. But one parental duty floating under the …

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Russians build iPhone monument to honor Steve Jobs

by Edwin

There are just some personalities out there who are larger than life, and love him or hate him, the late Steve Jobs is definitely one of them, and he is a colossus among innovative minds in the US for the past two decades. In fact, news of his death was met by an outpouring of grief worldwide, and international tributes came flowing in, and the ripples of his death has …

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