iCarta 2-Bluetooth Toilet Paper Holder

by Julie

I’m not one to enjoy talking about potty habits. Personally, I don’t actually go to the bathroom (although I challenge anyone to prove otherwise) My husband and daughter on the other hand, are true professionals. They have preferred toilet paper, favorite air fresheners and each one has a stack of magazines a mile high. Each of them can tie up a bathroom for 20-30 minutes easily.

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Moms keep in touch with newborns using iPad

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like the smell of a newborn baby, and of course, the promise and joy that a new life is able to bring into one’s life. The thing is, there are instances where new mothers are separated from their newborns right after birth, no thanks to a host of reasons, where among them include complications that arise post birth, a premature birth, or for some, the need …

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Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5

by Edwin

There are phone cases, and then there are phone cases. Since this is an extremely lucrative industry, you know for sure that competition among case manufacturers are tough, but out of the entire pile, there is sure to be a few notable products that will rise to the occasion, and I must say that after reading up on the Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5, this does seem to be a …

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Motion Tracking iPhone Cameraman

by Edwin

How many of you out there actually no longer use a dedicated video camera to record all those precious moments in your family, such as weddings, birthdays and graduations? Well, I suppose the ever increasing quality of the camera sensor in smartphones have a great deal to do with the seeming demise of such dedicated devices, and for those who happen to be in the iPhone camp, you might be …

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Digital Toilet Paper Stand – For Those on the “Go”

by Julie

Here at Coolest-gadgets.com we have a preoccupation with bathroom habits. We have reported on gizmos that wash and dry you, toilets that analyze your urine for health issues, little monsters you can set up in the loo in order to literally scare the *&^% out  of beloved friends and family, and now we bring to you the newest in form and function… the Digital Toilet Paper Stand.

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Tarot e-Cards are in Your Future

by Julie

I can still remember the first time I had my fortune told using a Tarot card deck. I was only 12 years old and it was in an old restaurant in New York City. I remembered being frightened and at the same time, excited by the old woman who whispered to me the meanings of the cards as they were laid out on the table. I knew I wanted a …

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Let Your Car Talk To Your Phone

by Alison

Do you know where your OBD port is on your car? All cars in the US (since 1996) and EU (since 2004) are required to have On-Board Diagnostics port enabling the car to point you or your mechanic in the right direction when something is awry. Maybe it will identify a Transmission problem or maybe an emissions issue or something else. Some smart people finally realized that with today’s mobile …

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Netatmo Urban Weather Station

by Edwin

Ever heard of Netatmo in the past? Well, neither have we, but here we are with the Netatmo Urban Weather Station, which has just launched with national retailer Brookstone. Just what the heck is the Urban Weather Station all about? Well, it has been touted to be the first personal weather station in the market that will boast of air quality sensors, and even better is the fact that since …

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