iRing Stylus – Say I Do!

by Julie

  Almost everything we have these days has a touch screen! My iPhone, tablets, Pods and Pads, they all rely on my fingertips to do the walking. Unfortunately, I also have cold dry little fingers that don’t always seem to work so well with these screens (am I the only one thats had to dampen my fingers and then heat them on my pant leg to get things “swiped”?) Please …

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Forget your Keys? Use Your Smartphone!

by Julie

Sure, its happened to me more than once. I lost my house keys, left them in the wrong car, or forgot to give them to my mother who was stopping over to feed the dog. It’s a simple thing, and I should have just taken the time to have extra keys made, or hidden one under the doormat, but in this day and age I’m not sure anyone does that …

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Ness – Tells You Where You Want to Eat, and Why

by Julie

He says “So what are we going to do tonight?” “I dunno, let’s go eat.” she says. “Where should we go?” he asks. To which the reply is quite often “I cant think of anywhere, you decide.” Does that sound familiar? It seems like every weekend we end up in the same old place and to be honest, if I do stray from our old haunts its usually a disappointing …

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Panasonic SC-NP10 wireless speaker

by Edwin

Well, well, what do we have here? A spanking new wireless speaker to persuade those who have always wanted to go wireless in their homes and offices, but never really managed to find the time to do so, not to mention getting the best deal out there? Well, Panasonic has just announced their latest SC-NP10 wireless speaker which was specially designed for the masses as an optimal surround sound system …

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iPhone Recovery Pro – So you Don’t Totally Lose it!

by Julie

There’s a lot of good and bad that comes with technology, most of it is good, and I love it. But while our smartphones and computers streamline our lives they can certainly complicate them as well.We rely on our SmartPhones and computers for everything, all of our most important information, and then I’m also concerned about our kids, their connection with the world around them may just be too intimate. …

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Hidden – The App that Sees Who You Are, and Knows Where You Sleep

by Julie

I would say that most people these days have a pretty deep relationship with their electronics. I never realize just how much I rely on my “connected” lifestyle until I do something stupid, like leave the house without my iPhone. The world seems to kind of, stand still, and I never get too much done, how could I? All my contacts, addresses and appointments are stored in that thing. I’m …

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Ferrari by Logic3 announces FS1 Air speaker dock

by Edwin

When you hear of a name like Ferrari by Logic3, you know for sure that this is no ripoff, but rather, it is a collaboration between one of the most successful stories in motorsports racing along with an audio company that always wants to deliver nothing but the best to its customers. Well, their latest collaboration has resulted in what they call the FS1 Air speaker dock, where this particular …

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iPad Document Scanner

by Edwin

The iPad is a tablet that has achieved its fair share of accolades, and you can basically find an app that does just about anything you want to with a tablet on it. Well, peripherals for the iPad have not been entirely the most interesting market to look at, as majority of the peripherals rolled out for it tend to be protective cases and covers, including those that come with …

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