Floating Boombox

by Edwin

Do not shun boomboxes, o ye youth of the current generation! You do not know of the influencing power of such a device, back in the days when your parents were wee lads and discovering their identity in the world. Having said that, is there a place for the classic boombox in the 21st century? The correct answer would be “No”, but this does not mean that the idea on …

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Manfrotto ML120 Hotshoe LED Panel + KLYP Case For iPhone

by Edwin

If there is one particular smartphone that has more of its fair share of accessories compared to the rest, I would like to think that the iPhone is the surefire winner among the rest of the Android-powered and Windows Phone 8 candidates. Having said that, here is yet another accessory for your precious iPhone that would help you snap better photos during your impromptu photoshoot moments, never mind the fact …

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MacBook Air (2013) announced at WWDC 2013

by Edwin

Earlier this morning, there are two different events that have captured the attention of millions of people around the globe – at least from the tech perspective. First, there is E3 in Los Angeles that can be said to be the mecca of all video game news and releases on an annual basis, and for fans of the bitten fruit, you would have overcome your gaming cravings to tune in …

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iGlo LED Light Set – Year Long Holiday Lighting

by Julie

Sure, I know it’s a little early to be talking about holiday lighting, of course my neighbors have their lights up already, or did they not take them down? Either way they’re six months into looking ridiculously enthusiastic, or horribly lazy… I’m leaning towards the latter, I really never liked them anyway. But they got me thinking about holiday lighting.

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Ten iPad Charging Bay

by Edwin

So you live in a house where just about every head under the roof own at least one Apple device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Assuming most of the folks there settle for an iPad for their portable computing needs, then you would know that charging these iPads individually can sometimes be a hassle. Since you are all one big happy family, how about having a communal charging …

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iPad Pen

by Edwin

You know something? When Apple came up with their iPad, it was definitely a watershed moment for the world of tablets. Sure, Microsoft might have come up with the tablet PC a fair number of years before that, but it really was the iPad that kicked off the tablet craze. You can more or less say that the iPad can be used without having to have a stylus or other …

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Futurist’s Hand Activated iPhone Speaker

by Edwin

Are all iPhone speakers created equal? The easy answer would be to say no, but is there any rationale behind that particular response? Of course, we might say that logic dictates so, but the next time someone asks you that particular question, here is a response that you can be sure and proud of – by pointing them towards the $199.95 Futurist’s Hand Activated iPhone Speaker. Yes sir, the Futurist’s …

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iFi – Stands for I Found It!

by Julie

I used to be pretty organized, then I got married, had a child and started collecting stuff. Now it takes me an extra 40 minutes just to get out the door and countless hours trying to keep track of things. Forget taking a vacation, it’s almost too much work, who’s got the camera, the keys, the suitcases? Do you have your phone? Something is always lost or forgotten, is there …

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