iPod Hi-Fi

by Al

Apple announced their new iPod Hi-Fi today, the design looks clean but to me just looks like a white speaker with handles (wonder where they got that idea from) and not only that you still need an iPod if you want to do anything but look at it. It’s an interesting idea having your music collection with you at all times but in my living room I want the full …

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The iPod Nano iKitty

by Al

Nano iKitty

Shockingly we’ve not seen any new iPod stuff for the last few days so were pleased to see yet another Nano case has been released, the Nano iKitty. As you can probably guess from the name (just in case the picture never gave it away) this holder looks like a cat. You insert your Nano up the cats read end (ouch) and can then rub it’s belly to change tracks …

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Mobile to iPod Gateway

by Al

iPod Mobile Connector

We’ve seen all sorts of accessories for our trusty iPod, some useful, some cool and others just plain bonkers. This latest little iPod gadget most certainly falls into the really useful category, the myTalker is an interface between your iPod and mobile phone. The Tekkeon myTalker allows you to receive calls on your mobile via your iPod without the need to juggle devices or remove headphones (in fact you actually …

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iPod Boxer Shorts

by Al

iPod Boxer Shorts

Due to the sheer amount of stuff available for the iPod we’ve decided to make a new category just for them, cunningly called iPod gadgets. We’ll start iPod gadgets off with a post about the iBoxer shorts. The iBoxer shorts have a pocket especially designed (not sure what designing is really needed here) to hold your iPod Nano. These will be really useful for people that remember their nano but …

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