Solar Powered iPod

by Al

One of the great things about the iPod is you can carry it anywhere. One of the not so great things is that when the batteries run out you can’t charge it up anywhere (finding a power socket in a field in Glastonbury just ain’t going to happen). The answer may be at had with the Solio Charger. The Solio looks like a solar powered popellor but it is in …

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Kitchen Cabinet

by Al

iPod Kitchen Docking Station

If you spend a fair amount in the kitchen and want to give your iPod it’s own special spot, check out the Under-Cabinet iPod Dock and Radio, an iPod docking station that fits well under a cabinet.

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Transfer Tunes to your iPod without a PC

by Al

iPod CD

Known as the iLoad this device lets you transfer music from CD directly to your iPod without the need of a PC (or Mac). Simply put a CD into the iLoad, connect it to your iPod (compatible with all models), select which tracks you want and the iLoad will then convert them to MP3 and copy them over to your music player. It takes about 9 minutes to do a …

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George Bush has illegal music on his iPod?

by Paz

This is hilarious. It’s a video of George Bush discussing his iPod after a recorded interview with Fox news. In a supposedly informal post-interview chat, the President lists the songs he has on his iPod, (at least one of which must have been “illegally” ripped from a CD, as you’ll see).

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iPod Wurlitzer

by Al

iPod Jukebox

An updated version of the 50’s iconic Wurlitzer jukebox, but still retaining the classic look we all remember (well those of us of a certain age anyway). It can hold 100 CD’s which can be played via the high quality Bose removable speakers which are contained within the cabinet. What’s more if you hook in your 60GB iPod to the docking station, you’ve then got access to another 10,000 tracks.

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The iPod Vending Machine

by Al

Zoom iPod Vending Machine

I tend to associate vending machines with over priced chocolate bars at the local sports centre and not the latest technology gadgets, though I may have to change that point of view thanks to Zoom Systems who sell iPods via a vending machine. Presently you can see (and buy from) the iPod vending machines in Atlanta and San Francisco airports, though many more installations are planned. I’m not sure how …

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iPod Backpack *Yawn*

by Al

iPod Backpack

It’s that time of month week day when another “revolutionary” way of carrying your iPod is released. It’s getting too warm to wear an iPod jacket and a belt with iPod buckle holding up a pair of shorts just looks daft so what you need is an iPod backpack. You’d expect most backpacks would be big enough to hold an iPod (and you’d be right), what makes this one that …

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The iPod Tie AKA The Commuter Tie

by Al

Pink Commuter Tie

Luxury fashion retailler Thomas Pink, have released a special limited edition tie for city type iPod owners. This means they no longer need to wear the iPod Belt Buckle that didn’t really go with the flash suit. Limited edition – the commuter tie features a pocket on the reverse to hold your iPod Nano or MP3 player and an extra fabric loop to keep headphone wires out of sight and …

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