iRecord personal media recorder

by Marc

The iRecord Personal Media Recorder is a very cool device. It’s designed to get media onto your portable device. Any portable device in fact and that’s the trick it’s got up its sleeve. Things don’t get much simpler than this – to use it, you just plug your TV/DVD player/whatever into one end of the box and plug your portable media device into the other end.

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iSticky, keep your iPod in place when driving

by Mike


Keeping your iPod in the car in one place isn’t easy. Anyone who has tried doing said task will agree with me, anyone who hasn’t will probably laugh, but I’m telling you, it’s hard. For one thing, every time you stop then start right up again, your iPod wants to slide along with you. Trying to find your iPod after it’s fallen down to the floor and is somewhere beneath …

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Here’s what I want you Fruit creators!!! (this means you Ive)

by Fred

Yeah, so there are waaayy too many Apple Rumors coming around prior to Unky Steve’s upcoming announcements.

Sadly, I don’t want what’s likely to be offered, here’s what I want.

A Macbook Pro Tablet!!!

This is exactly what Apple has been missing (in my opinion), however, these are people that still sell mice with 1 button (umm what’s simpler than a stylus?)

As a designer, I have stayed away from the Apple platform due to it’s lack of interoperability with my beloved SolidWorks. It’s a solid 3d modeler that works great, and works with everything! (plus it’s compatible with the next engine, but this article isn’t about that).iphone with isight

Mac tablet

Here’s what we kinda know from Kevin Rose (

there’s a 4Gb and 8Gb iPhone, they work with all the cell providers, one’s got a slideout keyboard, and one is a virtual clickwheel model.

What we know for sure is NOTHING!!! (I love that Apple can really keep a secret, it makes people drool needlessly! Hysterical!

So here’s what I want. (keep clicking kids!)


Car integrated MP3, iPod remote and black magic!

by Marc

I was going back through some archives recently and found a few links that got lost at the time. So although it’s a bit late now, have a look at these videos courtesy of the guys over at First up is the Tokai combined in car head unit / MP3 player. In terms of aftermarket car audio it seems like a nicer idea than drilling more holes in the …

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Tivoli gets the Nintendo naming disease…

by Marc


Buried in the mass of press releases that always precede a CES show, we bring you this gem from Tivoli audio. I can only presume that since Nintendo got away with stringing some random letters together to form a product name, Tivoli thought it was safe to assume the same approach Spare a thought for CEO Tom DeVesto though, who has to say things like this: “With all the `i’ products …

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Dead simple video recording for the iPod and PSP

by Mike

iRecord Unit

You’ve got your brand new 30 gig iPod, maybe even the 80 gig version, but don’t feel like paying the money for iTunes TV shows but you really, really, really want to your shows on there. It’s quite the dilemma, especially for the technologically impaired. If you’re a techie and know you’ve got a relative exactly like this, consider getting them the iRecord this Christmas. No computers are involved, and …

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MusicJam adds new functionality to iPod

by Edwin


Nearly everybody and his mother already has an iPod, which is why getting an iPod as a holiday gift idea is not exactly the wisest thing to do. What you can do, though, is to pick up a third party iPod device that will enhance the owner’s experience with the world’s most popular digital audio player. This wish is fulfilled with the MusicJam portable audio effects mixer for the iPod, …

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iSymphony M1 iPod Dock

by Mike

iSymphony M1

When you hear the words iPod Dock, you think, blah, not another one of these things, there’s been at least 100 released now and they all seem exactly the same. Well the iSymphony is indeed an iPod Dock, but it does do some other cool stuff that separates it from the pack, like the built in CD player, and the card reader that plays music off of your SD cards.

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