Surge Solar Case for the iPod Touch

by Ally

There is never a shortage of various portable ways to charge the iPhone, mostly due to people being very unhappy with the battery life.  However, for those of us using an iPod Touch, it seems like there are far less options.  Which is bad for those like me that are notorious for forgetting to charge their iPod while they’re at home.  This Surge case will help out those that are …

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by Mark R


Yes, there are a lot of iPod or other MP3 speakers out there, and most of them begin with “i”. I suppose what makes the iHat unique is the fact that it is seasonal. Seasonal, meaning made for the winter season. It’s getting colder where I am living, and I could use a hat to keep warm. If the hat happens to have a speaker in each ear, then more …

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Speaker Bags Play Music from your iPod

by Mark R


I don’t know if Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are friends anymore, but if they ever do get together and hit Rodeo Drive, I highly recommend they tote around the speaker bags. Yes, these speaker bags don’t just look like speakers, but they are speakers for iPods, and I would imagine iPhones. It brings out about 30 watts worth of power, which is enough to disturb the salespeople and other …

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Altec Lansing’s Expressionist Ultra and the MIX

by Mark R


I got a chance to see what Altec Lansing was up to at CES last January, and its nice to see that they are still innovative with two new products: the Expressionist Ultra and the MIX. The Expressionist Ultra is the set of speakers that you see to the left. As you can see, they have a very unique shape and transparent trapezoidal frame for a look that should compliment …

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Wiimote turned into MP3 player

by Edwin


The Wiimote is one versatile piece of plastic, as an enterprising brain decided to pick its innards and replace it with the presence of an iPod Shuffle inside. Heck, even the case has been modified a bit to accommodate a pair of headphones, with the Shuffle residing comfortably within the confines of where the AA batteries are supposed to be. Definitely adding a whole lot more bulk to what was …

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iHome iHMP5 Series is both headphones and stereo speakers

by Mark R


Last time we covered something from iHome, it was their new iHM10B Portable MP3 Player Speaker System. Today is it is the iHMP5 Series, which is something that I have been seeing more and more of these days: a speaker system/headphone combo. The iHMP5 Series is designed to work with all sorts of music players which include the iPhone, iPod, laptop, and just about anything that has a headphone jack. …

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Zune HD powered by Tegra processor

by Edwin


NVIDIA has made it known that the upcoming Zune HD portable media player will be powered by the NVIDIA Tegra processor, offering it exceptional multimedia capabilities that ought to make Apple executives sit up and take notice, even if for a moment. The Zune HD player has already been regarded as the first portable media player to bring together HD-compatible video, a HD Radio receiver, a full-screen Internet browsing experience, …

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Wooden Dual iPhone/iPod Docking Station

by Ally


If you’re tired of all your gadgets having a nice clean sterile look, there’s one Etsy seller you should definitely check out.  I’ve never been that into wooden gadgets, it’s one of those thing you either like them or you don’t.  I do understand the desire to have a gadget that doesn’t always look so clean cut though.  This wooden dock brings nature indoors and still manages to look somewhat …

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