My Apple Core gets rid of tangles

by Edwin

Somehow or rather, wires and cords seem to have a mind of their own, deviously plotting with one another to wind themselves up in a Gordian knot whenever there is nobody at the office or home. Well, My Apple Core prevents this unfortunate scenario from happening simply because it comes in a form factor that is similar to that of an – yup, you’ve guessed it, apple core, hence its …

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Personal Theater kit for portable media players

by Edwin

Do you use your iPhone, iPod touch or other portable media players as the entertainment device of your choice? You might then want to consider the Personal Theater kit which comes with high quality graphics and detailed instructions on coming up with your very own mini movie theater that relies not on a cinema-class or home projector, but instead looks toward your portable media player which is located within an …

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i-Got-Control for your Apple device

by Edwin

Don’t be too happy that your Apple contraption (be it an iPhone, iPod touch or the upcoming iPad) is more or less capable of doing everything under the sun that a road warrior needs, otherwise there would not be room for improvement thanks to the genius of the folks at i-Got-it Corp., where they have come up with the launch and immediate availability of i-Got-Control. Surely you would ask just …

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Dew Quiver iPod Shoulder Strap

by Ally

Companies are always trying to find new innovative ways for you to carry an iPod outside of your pockets.  Some of them have looked a bit on the odd side.  This Quiver actually walks in a gray area.  Sure, it’s a bit different, but it actually offers some volume control directly on the shoulder strap.  That at least gives it a little bit more of an edge.

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DIY Fork Head iPhone stand

by Edwin

Holding up your iPod while you’re seated with a desk in front of you can be pretty tiring on your hand(s) after a couple of hours into the movie, and the constant shifting does not make for a decent viewing experience. However, getting one of those iPod holders does not seem worth it to you, so what do you do next? Enter the DIY Fork Head iPhone stand – this …

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Apple iPad to hit the US this April 3

by Edwin

It seems that in recent years, anything that Apple comes up with seems to generate a whole lot of publicity. We can’t really blame them for making good on their range of devices though, delivering quality as well as the most important of them all – a fantastic user experience which appeals to the broadest user base. Well, the iPad which was unveiled a couple of months ago certainly raised …

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Stanley Construction Jobsite Radio

by Ally

Gadgets have to be capable of withstanding the conditions that we regularly find ourselves within.  For some, those conditions are not exactly mild and it’s always nice when your favorite music can go with you.  This Stanley radio is meant for the harsher conditions, specifically for those that do a lot of manual labor.  It could stay in a shop or a construction site and you wouldn’t have to worry …

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Magneat helps you work out hassle-free

by Edwin

Most of us who spend plenty of time at the gym (or basically are involved in an active outdoor lifestyle) and tune in to their favorite songs over an iPod might just find the Magneat to be just what they need – it helps you enjoy a wired listening experience without having the cord getting all tangled up in the most unexpected places. Of course, since it relies on the …

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