Broadclip Mediacatcher, the best thing you missed at CES

by Fred

At Broadclip, you can find you that MediaCatcher you should have seen at CES (I think it was post iPhone debacle and everyone had permanently lost their heads at that point in time.) It works like the beloved Tivo, only they have one version for the radio, and the other for the telly (we call it a TV over here, but what can you do?) Here is their main page …

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NOOooo Karaoke for Your iPod – iKaraoke

by Al

Karaoke for Your iPod - iKaraoke

I generally walk out of a pub when I see a sign saying “Karaoke Tonight” (though I did participate and embarrass my daughter on holiday by shouting along to “I did it my way” (which seemed kind of appropriate)). Anyway you can now “enjoy” Karaoke with your favourite music player thanks to the the iKaraoke for your iPod. Other than the fact it encourages Karaoke the iKaraoke is pretty cool. …

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Wires?! We don’t need no stinking Wires!!! (thanks to Bluetooth)

by Fred

The folks at Jabra are being nice to us. They’re trying to make our lives easier. Fools!! No, wait,, that’s exactly what we want! We want gadgets that make our gadgets work better. They’ve really got some now, with more on the way. It’s a pair of headphones that work with your phone. Buy them here for $89.99 The obviously sweet bit about these headphones (yes, the look is standardized …

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Kleer’s iPod Nano Adapter gives you wireless audio

by Mike

Kleer iPod Nano Adapter

Nobody has really done wireless headphones right. In a best case scenario, the adapter is built right into your device and all you have to do is pop tiny wireless buds into your ears. We’re still not there yet, at least not on most devices, but there are some decent accessories on the horizon that will give you wireless audio, one being Kleer’s new Wireless iPod Nano Adapter.

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Hunker down kids, Here comes Steve J’s big talk!!!!

by Fred


Too many rumors swirling, buckle down and get ready!!!! It’s already 9:10 AM pacific! Here’s MACWORLD 2007!! We’ll be all text, since I’m nowhere near the keynote!!! (ok, I’m in Marin) Feed data thanks to MacRumors and Everyone drinks deeply the apple juice (cool aid reference). Steve’s in black per usual. Here it comes. general discussion of Intel changeover and transition on the software side, (boorrring, show me the …

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iRecord personal media recorder

by Marc


The iRecord Personal Media Recorder is a very cool device. It’s designed to get media onto your portable device. Any portable device in fact and that’s the trick it’s got up its sleeve. Things don’t get much simpler than this – to use it, you just plug your TV/DVD player/whatever into one end of the box and plug your portable media device into the other end.

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iSticky, keep your iPod in place when driving

by Mike


Keeping your iPod in the car in one place isn’t easy. Anyone who has tried doing said task will agree with me, anyone who hasn’t will probably laugh, but I’m telling you, it’s hard. For one thing, every time you stop then start right up again, your iPod wants to slide along with you. Trying to find your iPod after it’s fallen down to the floor and is somewhere beneath …

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Here’s what I want you Fruit creators!!! (this means you Ive)

by Fred

Yeah, so there are waaayy too many Apple Rumors coming around prior to Unky Steve’s upcoming announcements.

Sadly, I don’t want what’s likely to be offered, here’s what I want.

A Macbook Pro Tablet!!!

This is exactly what Apple has been missing (in my opinion), however, these are people that still sell mice with 1 button (umm what’s simpler than a stylus?)

As a designer, I have stayed away from the Apple platform due to it’s lack of interoperability with my beloved SolidWorks. It’s a solid 3d modeler that works great, and works with everything! (plus it’s compatible with the next engine, but this article isn’t about that).iphone with isight

Mac tablet

Here’s what we kinda know from Kevin Rose (

there’s a 4Gb and 8Gb iPhone, they work with all the cell providers, one’s got a slideout keyboard, and one is a virtual clickwheel model.

What we know for sure is NOTHING!!! (I love that Apple can really keep a secret, it makes people drool needlessly! Hysterical!

So here’s what I want. (keep clicking kids!)


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