iPod Dock Extender

by Al

This is probably one of the simplest iPod gadgets going, the dock extender. The purpose of the dock extender is to make it easier to dock your iPod even when it’s wearing one of the billion or so different kinds of case. No matter what case you own, SendStation’s Dock Extender has been designed to fit it. Your Dock Extender uses the same compact iPod plug as found on the …

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Radio-to-Go, a Workshop on the Future of Radio

by Nick


The Radio-To-Go workshop was created to develop “new radio experiences”, combining old techniques with new. The workshop was put together by Mediamatic, a cultural institution in Amsterdam, and it covered broadcasting, online radio, micro transmitters and user generated content. The best projects were transmitted live yesterday by Radio Rietveld, a temporary radio station broadcasting directly from the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. If you missed that chance, don’t worry, because you …

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iPod Shuffle goes swimming

by Edwin


How many of you have sometimes wished you could listen to your favorite tunes while clocking up laps at the swimming pool? After all, if joggers and other exercise freaks can have their fair share of music while sweating it out, why not swimmers? SwimMan has given much thought to this dilemma, and to prove the age old adage that necessity is the mother of all inventions, SwimMan has gone …

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Car cassette player accepts iPod

by Edwin


Take a look around and you will notice that iPod docks are dime a dozen, which is also the same case for FM transmitters that target the car and iPod. Is there any other alternative for those who want to listen to their favorite tunes stored on their iPods without using an FM transmitter? That question has been answered by CarDomain.com user JPPadula who has plenty of time and an …

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iPod Dock + Wireless Speakers

by Mike

Eos Wireless iPod Dock

You’re probably not going to be excited or interested when I say that this gadget is an iPod speaker system, after all, there’s hundreds of those, all of which are nearly identical. Now, this one won’t toast a bagel, improve your vision, or even dance to your music, but it will wirelessly send your tunes to 4 different speakers. Come on, admit it, you’re a little interested now.

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Digital Stethoscopes with iPod Integration

by Al

Digital Stethoscope

I always thought stethoscopes were pretty boring, I never realised you could get digital ones that you could use in connection with you iPod. The ds32a is a diagnostic electronic stethoscope with unsurpassed natural sound quality. User-friendly design and 50X Amplification provides the power to adjust for faint heart sounds, obese patients, or noisy environments. Outstanding performance and ease-of-use for every clinician, with uncompromising features for advanced users. From BP …

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100% Waterproof Headphones

by Al

Waterproof Headphones

We covered the Aquapac waterproof MP3 case last year, it’s a great way to protect your player whilst out near water. Aquaoac have now released another product which enables you listen to your favourite tunes whilst swimming, with the 100% Waterproof Headphones.

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XtremeMac’s MicroMemo is a microphone for your Nano

by Mike

XtremeMac MicroMemo

A lot times when you’re out and about, an awesome idea or something you’ve forgotten to do for the past few days comes to mind. Most of us will think to ourselves “of course I’ll remember!” but you end up forgetting it within a few minutes. You could always jot down a note on a piece of paper, but those can just as easily be thrown away (paper is old …

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