i.Sound MovieTime Universal, a Dock for your iPod, Zune and PSP

by Nick

If you own a PSP, an iPod or Zune and was searching for a dock that works with your all your gadgets and players, the i.Sound MovieTime Universal from MacWay might be what you were looking for. This universal dock was designed specifically to work with your PSP, iPod, Zune and the SanDisk players, but can also work with other MP3 players, CD player, portable DVD, game console and more …

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iFeedPod: Read RSS Feeds on Your iPod

by Nick


Imagine if you could read all of your favourite RSS feeds on your iPod? That’s possible thanks to iFeedPod, a program that collects all the news from your feeds and copies them to your iPod so you can keep track of Coolest Gadgets and your favourite blogs and read the news anywhere you want to.

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Wooden iPod Covers

by Al

Wood iPod Cases

If you love your iPod but also like to feel a bit of wood in your pocket here’s the answer, the wooden iPod case. The wooden cover’s look to come in various shades and types of wood and are available from asuka (Japanese), via tokyo mango.

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Tyre Tread Laptop Sleeves

by Al


Laptop bags aren’t generally very masculine looking, unlike these by TREAD which are hand crafted from recycled Colombain truck tyres. Not only are TREAD cases lightweight and very tough (they were tyres after all) but they’ll also environmentally friendly each case probably saves at least one tyre ending up as land fill or polluting the atmosphere, but more importantly they make your laptop look well hard. The cases are currently …

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Plasma Ball + Speaker System = cool.

by Mike

iSound Plasma

A few days back, Al was talking about the cheapest plasma ball he’s ever found. This next gadget is a lot more expensive than the $10 the Plasma Light Bulb costs, but, and it’s a big but, this gadget will create a custom electromagnetic light show for you. Of course, all of this is done for you while you’re listening to your favorite music through the four speakers*. *quality of …

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iDear – The Tiny Wooden Speaker

by Al


The i-dear may look like any old ordinary wooden block but it also has the added function of being a tiny speaker. I must admit I’m not sure why you’d want to carry a tiny wooden speaker around with you but for those who do here it is. The i-dear can be connected to your PC via USB or any other audio device via a regular jack lead and then …

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iDisguise – The Minty iPod

by Al


Protect your iPod from thieves by disguising it as Candy, thanks Jesse. It all started when my car was broken into while I was living in Boston. Smashed windows and shattered glass littered my car. Everything was taken…or so I thought. While cleaning up the glass, I noticed my digital camera on the floor of the car among some items not worth stealing. What had caused the thief to overlook …

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What’s in your gear bag? How do you roll portable?

by Fred

fred’s bag

So everyone has one, some call it a purse, some call it a satchel, just just call it, “My darn bag.” Either way, you’ve got one. You use your bag on the go. Most of all, you’ve got a bag filled with stuff you think is useful enough that if it all went down, you’d be the one swinging from the trees, able to make fire, and live high off …

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