Multiple Choice Shocks

by Al

As we haven’t mentioned a shocking gadget in the last 24 minutes I thought it only fair to write about a shocking game for clever folk (if that’s not a contradiction in terms), the multiple choice shocking game. With this shocking game up to 4 people can partake and play commences as follows:

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Hercules I-XPS 260 with an iPod Dock and a Subwoofer

by Nick

Hercules I-XPS 260

Hercules presents the I-XPS 260 2.1 speaker system with an integrated dock for your iPod and a 3D stereo effect. This system has the official “Made for iPod” license and is compatible with the 30, 60 and 80 GB iPods and comes with adapters for your iPod mini and iPod nano as well. There’s also an auxiliary input that you can use to connect another MP3 player if you want …

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iHome2Go iPod Alarm Clock

by Tiago

iHome2Go Folding iPod Alarm Clock

While traveling in business or pleasure there is always the need for an alarm clock, be it for early meetings or for that afternoon party on the hotel pool that you can’t miss, it all depends on the scenario but one thing is for sure – you need to wake up in a happy mood or else the first hours of the day will be a disaster. One of the …

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GelaSkin iPod protector (+short review)

by Marc


Anyone with an iPod knows that they attract scratches like flowers attract bees. The first time you put an iPod into your pocket with some loose change you can kiss goodbye to that mirror finish and flawless screen. This has created a flourishing market in cases and protectors (and not a few interesting mods) Unfortunately most of the solutions to this problem bulk up the iPod and prevent it docking …

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Yet another iPod gadget — the iPod video privacy screen

by Mike

iPod Video Privacy Protector

If you’ve ever passed by a bank, customs in the airport, or anywhere else where sensitive information is displayed you’ll find that you can only see the monitor if you’re right in front of it. You don’t have ridiculously bad vision. That monitor has a little privacy guard on it, hopefully preventing random people from grabbing all your personal information. Now, we all know the accessory market for the iPod …

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Nike+ Sports Kit Review

by Al


Here’s contest entry #9, a review of the Nike+ sports kit, thanks Oscar. The contest will be closing soon and the draw made so if you’d like to send us a review of promotional picture now would be a good time . I’ve never been that excited about running, but then again who is. But I thought it was time to get off my rear end and start doing something …

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TVMax+ works great with Apple TV

by Edwin


The Apple TV media extender might not be released yet, but it has certainly generated a whole lot of buzz among the home entertainment community. Miglia has already released a peripheral that will pretty much be a match made in heaven when hooked up to the Apple TV. This content booster is known as the TVMax+, and Miglia hopes that it will become the center of focus for your home …

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Soundwalk MP3 Vest for outdoor lovers

by Edwin


While the Play List Jacket works fine in formal occasions for you to listen in on your favorite songs discreetly instead of subjecting your ears to mindless chatter at the corporate boardroom, that jacket can’t be used in a casual environment. Those who love the great outdoors and other sporting activities will have to look elsewhere when it comes to carrying their beloved iPods and cellphones, and the perfect fit …

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