The Retro Clock Radio with iPod Dock

by Ally

The one downside of owning an iPod is that every iPod looks shiny and new. No matter what, it looks like current technology, so for those in love with all that is retro it’s not really their style. However, there are cases to hide your iPod and you can also get other accessories to balance it out. Well now JCPenney actually is carrying the Retro Clock Radio with iPod Dock. …

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iNo Quiz Game requires fast minds

by Edwin

Are you curious to find out what songs your friend has on his iPod? Why not make the discovery process a fun time with the iNo Quiz Game? Specifically designed for iPod owners, this brilliant party game/speaker dock transforms your not-so-humble player into a fast and furious interactive music quiz. Just pop your iPod in the sphere, set it to shuffle, grab one of the wireless remotes and let battle …

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Cute Butterfly Speakers iPod Dock with interchangeable faceplates

by Ally

If you’re looking for an iPod dock that is a little more feminine, you’ll love these Butterfly Speakers.  Although frankly, after staring at them for a few minutes I don’t see a single butterfly.  I thought for a second maybe it was the overall shape, but even that is just curved nicely but not necessarily modeled after a butterfly.  If anything this should be called Flower Speakers or something equally …

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H2O Audio announces H2O Audio SURGE

by Edwin

H2O Audio is a name synonymous with waterproof products, and their latest addition to the family would be the H2O Audio SURGE. This new pair of amplified waterproof headphones are evolved from feedback across customers, team riders, ambassadors and their R&D team, aiming to deliver nothing but the very best audio quality while underwater. Some of the H2O Audio SURGE features include :- Waterproof to 12ft/3.6m Acoustically engineered to deliver …

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Solar Powered Charge Leather Case for iPhone/iPhone 3G

by Edwin

So you can’t get enough of your new iPhone 3G? What about folks who are still rocking with the classic iPhone? Those two highly desirable devices do more than just cater for your chatting needs, as they also double up as a portable iPod that makes video and audio playback a snap. In addition, surfing via Wi-Fi on the iPhone whenever you’re out of the office is also another plus …

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XtremeMac offers new products for iPods and iPhones

by Edwin

XtremeMac has a slew of new accessories for Apple products by offering high performance chargers and power accessories in addition to others like a portable viewing stand, alarm clocks and audio systems. With so many products on offer, do head on after the jump to see whether there is anything else you would like to get for your iPhone or iPod.

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Memorex miniMove portable boombox

by Edwin

Just like millions of other iPod owners around the world, you are daily flooded with news of new iPod accessories, and if you haven’t yet selected an iPod speaker dock or boombox of sorts, you’re definitely spoiled for choice. There are literally hundreds of options available, but don’t simply go plonking down your hard earned cash on any model as the manufacturer’s brand name certainly has a part to play. …

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iBlik iPod Internet Radio

by Edwin

iPod speaker docks as well as Internet radios are getting more and more common these days, and today we’ll look at a couple of these courtesy of iBlik. iBliks represent the next generation of do-it-all home audio, and they really can do the lot, bar make the tea and self-destruct when Chris Moyles comes on. Totally idiot-proof, both the iBlik Wi-Fi and iBlik RadioStation are capable of accessing thousands of …

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