Rapid Repair offers hard drive upgrade for iPods

by Edwin

When the words Rapid Repair are bandied about to the commoner, chances are the first thing one would think of would be an auto repair shop to service automobiles that have broken down. Well, the more technologically savvy ones out there will realize that Rapid Repair does not do cars, bikes or buses, but it caters for the world of digital electronics instead. Today, they have announced that they will …

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Blooming Buds: Fashion for the earbuds

by Mark R

Even though I promised not to, I can’t help but constantly report on some sort of product that I discovered at CES 2009. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas after all. For those who don’t know CES, the Sands Expo is where a lot of the newer and concept companies tend to have their displays. This is different than the Las Vegas Convention Center, which usually …

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iSkin solo FX iPhone 3G protector

by Edwin

Give your precious iPhone 3G the protection it needs with the new iSkin solo FX – this one not only makes sure your handset remains unscratched throughout everyday use, it also makes sure the iPhone 3G looks good even when stored in a case. The iSkin solo FX’s design is inspired by the successful iSkin solo, featuring a glamorous high-gloss bodysuit that boasts a designer pattern, ensuring a bold, fashionable …

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iHM77RC Portable Multimedia Speakers from iHome

by Mark R

The tagline for SDI Technologies/iHome iHM77RC is “Sound Beyond Size”. I got a chance to try out these Portable Multimedia Speakers when I got home from CES 2009, and I have to say that “hearing is believing” for iHome’s surprisingly truthful slogan. I plugged in these speakers to my laptop, and I was surprised that I had to turn down the volume on my computer. Normally, when I plug in …

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i2i Folding Portable Speakers

by Mark R

For those of you who haven’t heard of Aerielle, they put out some very high quality MP3 Accessories like the i2i Stream. I was highly impressed with one of their newest products, the i2i Folding Portable Speakers. As you can see from the picture, the Speakers have a little station in the middle where the user can place his or her MP3 Player. The speakers can be pulled out a …

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Ovei offers luxurious environment in a pod

by Edwin

If I were to travel in space, I sure as heck hope that I get one of these Ovei pods instead of being frozen in a cyrogenic chamber as Lt. Ripley was in the film Aliens. After all, feeling like a piece of meat in a fridge is no fun, and the Ovei pod from Oculas Group offers way more entertainment options. It won’t be for the ordinary Joe on …

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Paniq let’s you wear your iPod on your sleeve

by Mark R

I can think of dozens of reasons why it is inconvenient to travel with an iPod, and the ones that top my list involve cold weather. Let’s say it’s below freezing outside, and your iPod is safely tucked away in your coat pocket. If you want to control the volume or change a track, then you have to take off your gloves, unzip your pocket, and manipulate the buttons manually …

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The Speaker Charging Valet

by Ally

Organizing your gadgets is always a pain, it’s much easier to let the wires tangle and have the gadgets strewn about on your nightstand.  It doesn’t look very good, but it’s a bit easier than taking the time to sort the wires and figure out what method of organization works best for you.  You can either work up some method of organization of your own, or fork out a chunk …

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