The Boynq Sabre iPod Dock

by Ally

This is probably the only iPod dock I’ve ever seen that I swear was modeled after an ancient chariot.  I keep thinking there’s supposed to be a horse hooked up to the back of the dock.  This cool dock would look great tucked in the corner of any room that you think could use a little more music.  The sleek black look makes it even suitable enough to blend in …

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The Mini Capsule Microphone for iPhone and iPod

by Ally

Here’s another accessory for the iPhone, this time it’s for those that like to hear themselves talk.  Actually, it’s not just for the iPhone, but for the iPod Touch 2G, iPod Nano 4G and the iPod Classic 120G.  It makes it possible for you to record the sound of your own voice in order to make notes of whatever it is you deem important enough.  If you thought a bluetooth …

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Grace Tape2USB Cassette Converter

by Mark R

I’m sure that some of you are looking at that picture of the cassette recorder and saying: “Is this the coolest gadget that you can find today?” and “What is this, the early eighties?” However, this product is for those of you who may remember the eighties, who might still have a collection of albums on cassettes that were purchased before the advent of CDs. Some of you probably keep …

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The iDuck Wireless Speaker

by Ally

I love having music in the shower, like many others do, but most shower speakers that are meant to hook up with your iPod aren’t interesting in the least.  Not to mention being overly expensive, but I finally dealt with it and bought one (it’s nowhere near as cute as this duck).  Unfortunately I bought one that keeps your iPod inside and my poor iPod Touch has to be crammed …

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Fly Ear Buds Puts a Bug in Your Ear

by Mark R

A few weeks ago, I covered the Blooming Buds, a set of headphones that I saw at CES that allowed the user to put “blooms” on their earbuds to create a unique look. These ear buds don’t just have some tiny little bloom that conveniently attaches to it, but it has an insect. Yes, you know those flies that you try to keep from buzzing in your ears? Well these …

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Wallaby Wallet for the Apple 4G iPod nano

by Edwin

Proporta is no stranger when it comes to iPod peripherals, and their latest creation is the Wallaby Wallet that was specially designed for the iPod nano 4G. Unique to Proporta and hand crafted from the finest quality black leather, the Proporta Wallaby Wallet features an attractive lime green lining as well as room for your banknotes, credit cards and a custom made pouch for your 4G iPod nano. Semi-circular cutouts …

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The Combi iPod Bouncer lets you expose babies to real music

by Ally

Many women believe that having their unborn child listen to certain music is highly good for them.  That usually means they have headphones playing Bach attached to their belly.  However, for others it means that they’re educating their child on a few rock legends or their favorite artist.  Well why end it when the child is born?  Now with this Combi iPod Bouncer, you can have your child bouncing away …

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The Angel & Devil Earphones

by Ally

If you are constantly debating between the good and the bad thing to do, display it proudly with these earphones.  They can sit in either ear and you can pretend those conflicting thoughts come directly from the earbuds.  Just don’t expect to tell anyone else about the voices and not end up in a cozy padded room.  Although they won’t whisper any actual suggestions in your ears, they will play …

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