The iRock Mini Guitar Amp works as iPod speaker

by Ally

There are times that those of you that are skilled with playing the guitar, that you don’t want to lug out your full sized amp.  That’s where this iRock would come in handy.  It’s not going to be anything overly special, but it does make it so that you can hear your electric guitar either through the speaker or through headphones.  Making it ideal for a quiet practice session that …

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The Dexim DWP005 Hub Dock Station

by Ally


Instead of just plugging your usual iPod cord into your computer, there is now this Dexim DWP005.  In some ways it initally looks like it’d just take up space.  However, it’s slim, it’d keep your iPhone/iPod in the upright position, plus best of all it has other devices built into it.  Giving you even more functions and a nice sleek dock to pop your iPod into.  Since it is so …

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iHome Studio Series iP1

by Mark R


It is always refreshing to see what iHome is up to. Last time, we covered the small iHM77RC Portable Multimedia Speakers, but iHome has really upped its game as far as iPod/iPhone docks are concerned. The iP1 Studio Series Model has “museum quality” speakers, which apparently means they are made up of smoked acrylic. It is nice to know that someone has finally made an iPod dock that looks like …

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The Chord Indigo Advanced DAC iPod Dock

by Ally


Most people are satisfied well enough with fairly affordable iPod docks.  Usually it’s not really needed to go over a couple hundred dollars for even the biggest music lovers.  However, if you’re looking for something extremely high end that will cost you a small fortune, this could be the dock for you.  Just by glancing at the dock, most people would be able to guess that this is no ordinary …

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The ChocoShuffle disguises the Shuffle as chocolate

by Ally


At first glance I figured this was some chocolate themed MP3 player, but as it turns out it’s not.  It’s actually merely a disguise to make your brand new iPod Shuffle look like a cheap MP3 player.  Thankfully, cheap MP3 players aren’t quite as desirable to steal as iPods tend to be.  It also has no need to leave space for controls, so there are absolutely no outside markings for …

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iPWR SuperPack for your Apple devices

by Edwin


We all know how Apple has defied the odds by churning a profit this quarter despite the overall doom and gloom feeling that we’re all experiencing at the moment, and it is a testament to the strength and desirability of their product line up. Surely nearly everyone we know has an iPod, while the iPhone 3G remains one of the most sought after smartphones in the market thanks to its …

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Belkin releases new in-vehicle chargers

by Edwin


Belkin is an old hat at iPod accessories, and here they are with yet another two more devices that ought to keep your iPhone/iPod juiced up especially when you’ve embarked on a long road trip. The iPod- and iPhone-compatible Micro Auto Charger and Dual Auto Charger from Belkin are not only highly functional but affordable as well, with the former boasting a compact design which comes with a lip for …

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The weather-proof Soundcast Outcast Outdoor Speaker

by Ally


Spring is finally here and it’s starting to actually feel like summer might be around the corner after all.  Once the weather does keep warm, you might want some music for entertaining outdoors.  You could set up something indoors and just open a window, but then it’s loud inside and doesn’t sound that great outside.  Instead it’s better to pick up a speaker that can withstand the weather, no matter …

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