MLB Scores with iPhone Baseball Fans

by James

Major League Baseball has given the green light for an iPhone application which will allow live streaming of baseball games. Called MLB at bat, the application takes full advantage of the new streaming capability of the iPhone 3.0 software, will cost around $10 and will work on both the iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Two Atari 2600 products

by Mark R


Someone must be in the mood for Atari 2600 nostalgia because I found not one, but two, products that hearken back to the age of extremely low resolution video gaming. The first is an iPod dock that looks like the base station for the 2600. It has the on/off switch, but it doesn’t have any of the switches in the other areas. Looks like the iPod goes where the cartridge …

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Flip announces own video channel

by James


Not satisfied with giving their customers YouTube capability, Pure Digital – the makers of the Flip pocket video cameras, are updating their on board software to make it easier to upload videos by creating their own custom channels which thhey can then invite others to enjoy.

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SkullyBoom speaker is meant for the active sort

by Ally


Not everyone wants a speaker to sit prettily and safely on their desk.  For those that are the active types, you might want something more durable.  Which is exactly what the creators of SkullyBoom are trying to do.  They wanted speakers that were portable, but in the event you wipe out on your skateboard, it’s not going to hurt the speakers.  Granted, you’ll need to get some kind of a …

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Hands on with the Mikey

by Mark R


While I was at CES, I got a chance to see some of the latest products from Blue Microphones. One of them was the Mikey, a microphone (that isn’t blue, by the way) that the user can plug directly into your iPod, and it will act as a vocal recorder. Blue Microphones was nice enough to send me a review unit, and I definitely got a lot of mileage out …

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iHome releases new products with integrated iPod docks

by Ally


If you enjoy having your iPhone or iPod integrated with all of your technology, you’ll enjoy this new line of iHome products.  They add docks into products you’d normally have lying around anyway.  Such as adding a spot for your iPhone or iPod into a keyboard.  Then it’s always within reach and it can charge up.  There won’t be the issue of added cords that way either or a random …

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AITALK lets you talk to your iPod

by Mark R


Computex 2009 has displayed a lot of new technologies recently, and one of them is one by Aibelive (pronounced I believe?) called AITALK. This AITALK allows the user to interact with their iPod with nothing but speech. This is perfect for those times when you are listening to your iPod while driving or jogging. Instead of awkwardly fumbling with the controls for changing tracks while your eyes should be on …

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The Scosche tapStick iPod Shuffle Case

by Ally


Although the fact that the shuffle has no buttons makes it look nice, it does make certain situations a little obnoxious.  Especially for those that enjoy listening to their Shuffle in the car.  In that case the headphones aren’t plugged in, which is where the controls normally are located.  With this Scosche case, it allows for you to control your iPod and has larger sized buttons to keep things easier …

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