Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver

by Edwin

Belkin is back with their new Bluetooth Music Receiver which enables one to enjoy wireless music straight off your iPhone or iPod touch via the home stereo system. This helps you live out the wireless lifestyle, while placing you in the driving seat where control is concerned without having you move a muscle to get out of your La-Z-Boy chair while you relax after a hard day at the office. …

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North Face Audio Jacket has iPod controls on sleeve

by Ally


Staying attached to your audio accessories can sometimes be difficult in the winter.  Especially for those that have an iPod Touch, since normal gloves tend to cause a problem with switching songs.  These jackets from North Face allow for you to control your MP3 player without ever having to get it out.  Which is great for those of you that like to be out in the wet snow, where it’s …

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Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker With Dock Transmitter

by Ally


If you don’t like to keep your iPod in the shower with you, this dock is a better option.  It’ll allow for you to listen to your music in the shower while your iPod is tucked safely away at much dryer spot within your bathroom.  Actually, since if has a range of 150 feet, you could even put it in the room next to you.  For those of you that …

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Music Infused Beanie puts your iPod on display

by Ally

ipod hat

Most people are perfectly content to stick their iPod in their pocket.  However, for those of you that are Apple nuts, that doesn’t put your precious iPod on display.  Instead you need a hat that keeps you warm and shows off your iPod.  Of course it does make flipping songs a touch awkward, but at least you’ll look cool.  Plus you won’t be stuck wearing headphones underneath your winter hats.

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Electrolux Silent Vacuum concept has iPod dock

by Mark R


What you are seeing there is not some crazy iPod dock, but a vacuum cleaner. This is a new concept vacuum cleaner from Electrolux known as the Silent Vacuum. The Silent Vacuum is simply a step up from the UltraSilencer, a model that is readily available. Of course, we all know from vacuuming that it really sucks, and even though no one can hear you scream in a vacuum of …

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Speakal miSoccer speaker system

by Edwin


You know that a particular market is extremely lucrative when there are tons of competition out there, case in point speaker systems as well as docking stations for the iPod family, all jostling for a slice of the financial pie assuming their product makes it to the best selling list. Speakal has such similar dreams of their own as well, having recently rolled out their latest addition from its family …

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Comply NR-10i earphones

by Edwin


Whenever you pick up an iPhone, you can more or less be sure that you’re getting a quality piece of portable media player as well. After all, it is basically an iPod touch with the added capability to communicate with the rest of your friends and family. Having said that, there is an extremely huge market where accessories for either device are concerned (alongside the rest of the iPod family, …

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iXtreme Amplified Speaker

by Edwin


The iPod (or any other MP3/portable media player for that matter) is great if you’re one who loves keeping yourself entertained whenever you wait for the next bus or train or even across a trans-Atlantic journey, but will it be of use when you host a party? Well, there are iPod speaker docks for those, but there is also another solution in the form of the iXtreme Amplified Speaker. No …

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