iVictrola iPhone and iPod Touch Amplifier

by Ally

If you prefer new technology that looks much older than it actually is, then this device would be great to have lying around.  It looks like more of an antique than an even remotely new gadget.  Yet it will happily play your iPod all day long and without using a single battery.  Not only that, but you won’t be forced to plug this into the wall either.  Making this an …

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AirStash Boosts iPhone Storage Wirelessly

by Ally


Back when the classic iPod was released with 160GB of memory, it seemed as if the amount of memory on Apple devices could only get better and better.  Then the iPhone and iPod Touch came out and had a fraction of the memory.  Sure, they’re much prettier than the rest of the iPods released by Apple, but they’re lacking all of the storage space that we all know and love.  …

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Flexible Mini Capsule Microphone for iPhone 3GS

by Edwin


So you’ve gotten yourself a brand new iPhone 3GS and think that it is the bee’s knees – well here’s news for you. It isn’t exactly the best device out there, as there still isn’t anything which can do everything well, and the iPhone 3GS is no exception. One of its major weaknesses would be less-than-satisfactory sound quality when recording, which is why the new Flexible Mini Capsule Microphone from …

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Mophie to offer iPhone credit card reader

by Edwin


When the iPhone was first released a few years ago, the whole world was abuzz with anticipation on how Apple would be able to an above-average cellphone experience to the masses, and I must admit, we weren’t disappointed. Heck, expectations were so high that folks even queued up outside the store for a couple of days before its release, willing to fork out a whopping $599 outright for the handset …

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OWLE iPhone Video/Audio Rig

by Edwin


The iPhone 3GS might not have the best camera or video capturing capability in the market, but that doesn’t mean it is gimped or under par in any way. Well, being humans and all, we’re always looking for ways to improve things, and what better thing to do than ensure the iPhone’s digital camera works better than ever before with a little external help in the form of the OWLE …

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ZAGG offers ZAGGsparq

by Edwin


When it comes to iPhone and iPod accessories, ZAGG is one name that many people are familiar with, especially with the popular invisibleSHIELD and ZAGGaudio brands, but this time round they are offering something slightly different. It won’t protect your iPhone or iPod against knocks, drops and scratches, but it does something which most gadget-toting folks would appreciate – by virtue of it being ZAGGsparq, a portable lithium polymer battery …

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Brightkite releases augmented reality advertising solution

by Edwin


Brightkite, the Social Discovery Network, recently rolled out the first national augmented reality advertising solution. Users of Brightkite have gained the ability to access its augmented reality (AR) service since August earlier this year courtesy of the company’s partnership with Layar. Up till now, the service’s users can also check out their friends’ posts and photos at places around them. Now, with the rolling out of a new local advertising …

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Rē Accessory turns iPhone into a universal remote

by Edwin


Just when you thought that the iPhone is the bee’s knees, enter another accessory that further augments that line of thinking – the Rē Accessory which will transform your iPhone into a universal remote control. Makes us wonder whether the folks at Logitech and all the other companies that roll out super expensive universal remote controls will sit up and take notice of this though, since most people already have …

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