Magneat helps you work out hassle-free

by Edwin

Most of us who spend plenty of time at the gym (or basically are involved in an active outdoor lifestyle) and tune in to their favorite songs over an iPod might just find the Magneat to be just what they need – it helps you enjoy a wired listening experience without having the cord getting all tangled up in the most unexpected places. Of course, since it relies on the …

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iPod Lava Docking Station

by Ally

One thing I really didn’t see coming was an iPod dock combined with a lava lamp.  I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me.  It seems like everyone is trying to combine iPod docks in strange new ways, so a lava lamp is only the next logical step.  It’ll make this dock a hit within any frat house and any teenager’s bedroom.  If you’re into lava lamps this would make it possible …

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Robotector Action Figure iPhone Case

by Ally

Well you’ve gotten yourself an iPhone and now you have the tricky business of picking out a case that’s just as awesome as your iPhone.  Thankfully Nugo Designs has just the solution out there for you.  It’s not just your average silicone case that protects your iPhone or iPod Touch from scratches.  It actually morphs your iPhone into an action figure.  What more could you ask for in a case?!

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80’s Retro Mix Tape Case for the iPhone

by Ally

Now that the mixed tape is all but extinct, it’s time to drag out the mixed tape themed accessories.  Sure, you probably don’t want to revert back to using old technology, but it’s always fun to have items that remind you of the good old days.  Back when you used to listen to the radio intently just waiting to pounce on that record button to get yourself that new song.  …

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Heart-Shaped iPod Speaker Dock

by Ally

If you’re pushing things until the last minute for this Valentine’s Day here is one more heart-shaped gadget.  It’s one of the larger heart-shaped docks out there, so it’s bound to make a lasting impression.  I’d make sure that your significant other has a thing for sappy sweet gadgets before spending the money on this dock.  If pink is their favorite color though, you’ll have it made with this one.

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Another Heart Shaped Gadget For Valentine’s Day

by Ally


Valentine’s Day is coming up quick and in light of that here’s one more cheesy heart-shaped gadget to go along with the lovey little holiday.  This tiny heart will hold onto your iPod and play your favorite music for everyone to hear.  Whether they like it or not.  They even come in other colors besides pinks and reds.  Alright, so it’s only one other color, but it’s something other than …

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iHeart Dock is so sweet it just might conjure up some iPuke

by Ally


It’s just before February and grocery stores are stocking up on heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.  Well for those of you that enjoy your heart-shaped gadgets instead of chocolates, here’s one more.  Despite that on the outside this looks like nothing more than a sweetly made jewelry box, it’s actually an iPod dock to play your music out loud with.

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iPod Headphones Hold Your Nano

by Ally


Sometimes it seems like there are far more accessories for the iPod Nano than any of the other versions of the iPod.  Whether or not that’s actually the case is debatable, but here’s one more to add to the list.  I’m not exactly saying this addition is a good thing, but it does give you more options when you’re trying to find that perfect Nano accessory.  With this you’ll have …

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