iRock iPod and iPhone Dock

by Ally

We all know of the days when owning a pet rock was actually cool.  Not so shockingly it was in the 70’s when weed was also popular.  That’s not what I’d call a coincidence.  Well for those of you that miss your pet rock, but you’re now a respectable adult you should pick yourself up an iRock.  You can talk to it just like your old rock, but it actually …

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HDMX Audio Mini Boom Box

by Ally

Expensive and large sound systems are great, but it’s not always necessary.  Sometimes just what you need is an affordable small set up that allows for you to listen to all of your favorite music.  They’re great for the lesser used areas that sometimes you just want a little noise while you work, like the laundry room or kitchen.  For that this HDMX Mini Boom Box would be perfect.

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Chocolate iPod Speaker tastes like plastic

by Ally

I can’t say that I really understand gadgets that resemble chocolate.  It’s not that I’m not a chocolate lover or am on some diet that keeps me from eating my necessary amount of chocolate.  I just don’t see the need to tempt fate by putting a fake piece of chocolate in front of me at all times to make me crave chocolate way more than I normally would.  Take for …

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TVHat makes your portable video watching private

by Mark R

Every time I review video goggles like the myvu or the Vuzix, I can’t help but wonder why this doesn’t catch on. After all, I love to watch videos, and if I can watch them on a Portable Media Player (PMP) in private, why shouldn’t I? Perhaps it is because many of these video goggles make you look really geeky, like Cyclops from X-men. In other words, they are not …

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iBookend is a hoot

by Edwin

The iPad isn’t even out for a week yet and folks have already found a new use for it – to function as a bookend. Case in point, the iBookend that will transform your iPad into an everyday object, although we are rather wary of the iPad being slim and slender, some accidental pressure or knock might just cause the display of the iPad to crack, no? At least you …

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Block Speakers pretend to be wood

by Ally

Nothing screams class quite like plastic painted to look like wood.  It just instantly makes everything look nicer.  Sure, they could have used real wood, but that would make the speakers cost more.  Plus plastic is just cooler.  These block speakers look like a miniature version of a set of massive speakers my parents had when I was a kid.  If you have a thing for vintage looking speakers, then …

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Ion Tailgater iPod Portable Speaker

by Ally

For those of you that enjoy both listening to and creating music, this Ion Tailgater could have multiple uses.  It offers an attractive and large, yet still portable iPod speaker.  The large speaker has a very strong resemblance to a guitar amp and there’s reason for that.  If you’re not in the mood to listen to music anymore, you can plug in your guitar and start creating your own.

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Gravity iPod Speaker System

by Ally

Those of you that are big into bright colors when it comes to your electronics now have another option for iPod speakers.  Since it is more affordable it’s not going to be one of those top of the line speakers with perfect sound.  However, at least it will have a slightly more expensive look, since it does offer an interesting design.

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