Clingo Neklit lets you wear your Nano

by Ally

The Neklit sounds a bit like Chiclets trying to acquire a new name to win over young children all over again.  Actually the Neklit is a device that turns your little iPod Nano into an adorable geektastic necklace.  You could also call it a lanyard instead if necklace makes you feel just a little too feminine. These Neklits will let you keep your Nano within arms reach and always in …

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This iPhone Has A Growth

by Ally

The iStand makes all of your tiny handheld gadgets look like they’ve acquired a very strangely colored zit.  You’re not going to want to pop this one though since it is meant to make using your phone or MP3 player a little bit easier.  Don’t worry, it won’t damage the back of your iPhone either, it just attaches by a suction cup leaving your phone no more damaged than it …

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The iAngle simplies your gadget loving life

by Ally

Some of the best of gadgets are the most simple ones you’ll find.  This one even has more than one function, but it does it so simply that it’s a breath of fresh air.  Plus it means you’ll have less clutter in your laptop bag and even your pockets.  Should you have an iPhone or iPod Touch this is the way to watch your movies and keep from having to …

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iPod Resonance Speaker

by Ally

If you liked the old iMac monitors then you’ll love this speaker stand.  It looks a whole lot like the stand those monitors used to sit on.  It’s a quirky design and in some ways a little bit unnecessary, but if you’re a little nostalgic about your iMac then it’s a good way to keep it on your mind.  Plus it plays your music out loud.

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First Solar Powered iPod Speaker

by Edwin

Hammacher is all about being first when it comes to rolling out some rather quirky household items, and this time round we have the First Solar Powered iPod Speaker. Hopefully they’re right, cause we have a niggling feeling that some factory from China has already come up with something similar for the local market in that part of the world. Still, this model enables you to enjoy your favorite tunes …

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Hohrizontal 51 Speaker Shelf iPod Dock

by Ally

Instead of having an iPod dock and speakers that take up shelf space, you should pick one up that actually creates shelf space.  This solid chunk of wood can be hung on your wall to allow your music to play at the perfect height and display all of your favorite books.  Oddly it can even handle a small TV on it, since it’s actually strong enough to support quite a …

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iPhone Desk Dock Phone

by Edwin

Turn your iPhone into a regular desk phone with the iPhone Desk Dock Phone, where you get a wired handset to boot. This is definitely the tool to have if you want to introduce something more retro to your home or office, letting you make and receive calls in the old fashioned manner while making sure your iPhone remains charged to the hilt whenever it is docked. Other features include …

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Soulra Solar Powered iPod Speaker

by Ally

If you have a bright sunny day, it might be nice to take your music along with you when you’re out enjoying the day.  This particular iPod speaker won’t require you to carry around any spare batteries, since it pulls all of the juice it needs straight from the sun.  Of course it’s not waterproof, so should you see clouds forming you might want to run the speaker someplace dry.

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