Gameboy iPhone 4 case

by Edwin

What you see here is a definite labor of love. This enterprising person decided that the iPhone 4, being all modern could very well be married to something retro, to the tune of the ancient Nintendo Gameboy. Touted to be the Original Gameboy iPhone 4 case, it might very well be the first of its kind in the world. The actual Gameboy was cut open at the top so that …

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Japanese Burger King offers customers a “musical shower”

by Mark R

Just when you thought the Aquanatass was the strangest appendage for the shower, you need to hear about the musical shower. This isn’t about getting in the bathroom and being bathed with music. This is something completely non-aqua related, and it is only located at a Japanese Burger King. See that transparent thing over the table? This is designed to deliver music to the person at the table, and designed …

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iPod Dock Lamp

by Ally

Sometimes it seems as if any gadget on the market is going to be finished off with a built-in iPod dock.  Actually not just gadgets, but furniture as well.  Now you can even pick yourself up a lamp that plays your iPod, which saves you on space since you don’t have to keep a gadget around solely dedicated to your iPod.

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Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine

by Ally

Paul Frank is always more than happy to offer some kind of case for pretty much all of the iPods and iPhones out there.  Which makes it no surprise that they’d create another accessory that makes sure to nestle your iPod close to Julius.  This goofy looking monkey apparently has a love for any and all iPods, because he is compatible with absolutely all of them.

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iHome iP49 Portable Rechargeable Audio System for iPhone and iPod

by Edwin

The iHome iP49 Portable Rechargeable Audio System for iPhone and iPod is the latest speaker dock to hit the market, as if there aren’t enough of these running around the market already. This will be a first for iHome in terms of it being a portable offering from the newly minted Studio Series which offers Bongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station technology – the name alone ought to conjure up aural …

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iDeck iPod Car Cassette Adapter

by Ally

I remember jamming an adapter into my tape deck years ago to make it possible to play CDs in my beat up first car.  Of course I had the really bad portable CD player, the one that whenever you hit a bump it made the song skip.  Now if you own a car that doesn’t have a CD player, you can still use that old tape deck for good.  Just …

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Scosche flipSYNC simplifies

by Ally

Along with all of your favorite little gadgets comes a huge tangle of cords to go with each and every one of them.  Then to make it worse, in some cases there are multiple versions of your charging cords.  There are the outlet chargers, USB and then finally car chargers.  Thankfully Scosche has made charging your iPod and iPhone a little bit more simplistic with a device small enough to …

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The Flow Interactive Music System

by Ally

The Flow Interactive Music System is officially my new favorite concept design.  It’s not because it has the best looks out there, although it does look pretty cool.  It’s actually because it’s made to help you keep your music to match your mood.  When you’re ready to party no one wants to hear a slow song, so this speaker system using your own movements will set it on party mode.  …

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