Dexim P-Flip Power Dock

by Edwin

Another day, another iPod/iPhone charger hits the market. The Dexim P-Flip Power Dock aims to be different from the rest (don’t they all), where £39.99 will net you a compact, stylish yet powerful charger that comes in a special folding design. All you need to do whenever your iPod touch or iPhone is running out of juice would be to flip the Dexim P open and have it work on …

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iPod Lamp offers sound and light

by Edwin

Most lamps are just that, offering light at the touch or press of a switch. Well, the iPod Lamp from Hammacher works differently, and as you can tell by its name, it will be able to play nice with an iPod thanks to its built-in iPod dock complete with speakers. This will definitely help you save whatever little space you have left in your cramped apartment (that’s the case these …

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Tuned Up offers unique silicone case & video stand for iDevices

by Edwin

As long as you don’t own a first generation iPhone, then you would be pleased to know that the Tuned Up silicone case which also doubles up as a video stand for your Apple device will definitely add an air of being in vogue to it. It will definitely bring back fond memories for those who used to listen to their music on a Walkman whenever they’re on the go, …

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Cedar iPod Dock

by Ally

If you’re just not satisfied with all of the modern looking docks out there, perhaps you’d like something that feels a little more earthy.  It does’nt get much more earthy than a log filled with speakers.  Sure, they’ve cleaned up the wood and shaved it down so that it looks a whole lot more smooth, but it’s still just a log of wood.

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Dock turns iPhone into slot machine

by Ally

Even those that know absolutely nothing about the current technology knows about the iPhone’s notorious apps for absolutely everything.  Well now even the apps are getting their own accessories.  This Jackpot Slot appcessory will turn your iPhone into a miniature slot machine.  You’ll get that same feel you get at the casino, just without all of those fun coins spilling out of the bottom of the machine.

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iHome iB969 charging station covers plenty of ground

by Edwin

The iHome iB969 charging station might seem more of the same old to you, but it is different in one aspect – this charging station not only charges your iPod and iPhone, it also caters to the recently released iPad alongside BlackBerry devices as well as e-book readers, now how about that? The iPad charges via a unique built-in stand that you can see above, while dual universal docks allows …

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POD Lamp with docking station

by Ally

If you’re trying to set up a desk in a dorm room you have to be smart about the space you use up.  That usually means working solely on a laptop and all of your other gadgets need to do double duty.  This POD Lamp might be worth adding to the list of gadgets to pick up before August comes around.  The light moves to all sorts of angles, plus …

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Beamer iPhone Case

by Edwin

The iPhone 3GS is a very capable phone, and we would have placed the iPhone 4 under that category as well if it did not have reception issues. Well, while the iPhone 3GS could do just about any thing imaginable thanks to its vast array of apps, why not marry such a smartphone with a smart case? That is what makes the Beamer iPhone Case special – no, it is …

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