The iPhone Screen Enlarger – Who needs an iPad?

by Julie

I hate to admit it, I want an iPad and I don’t even know why. I have an iPod Touch, an e-Reader and an Archos Tablet. I have MP3 payers and handhelds of all shapes and sizes. I’m just a sucker for new technology, so I guess I’ll keep saving my pennies. While I’m waiting, I can take my iPod Touch to the next level with Hammacher Schlemmer’s exclusive, iPhone …

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Skype’s updated app one-ups Apple with mobile video chat

by James

Skype has launched a video chat feature for their iPhone app which adds 3G capability, as well as being able to chat with iPhone 3GS users in a limited one way video basis. Users who have the iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod Touch can initiate video calls with friends who use the iPhone 3GS, iPad, and 3rd Generation iPod Touch, while 3rd Gen Apple device users can only receive …

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iPad Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Yeah, when it comes to docks, Apple devices are certainly king of the hill, what with a ton of iPod touch, iPhone and even now, iPad docks arriving to flood the market and help you part with your hard earned money. The iPad Alarm Clock is one of the later models to arrive, where this docking station will turn your iPad into a versatile bedside alarm clock. A pre-loaded app …

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Griffin Slap Nano Wristband

by Edwin

The latest iPod nano is definitely one of the smallest wonders of the world, according to diehard Apple fanboys. Well, we are wont to agree since something so small can actually carry so much stuff. It also goes without saying that the third party accessory market for the iPod nano is a growing (and lucrative) one, otherwise how can we see so many manufacturers throwing their lot into this area? …

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The Clamcase – Bringing your iPad to the next level

by Julie

Okay, I finally have it. The coolest thing to happen to your iPad since, well, the iPad. I have been enjoying all the cases and apps and keyboards entering the market, but I haven’t fallen in love… until now. Enter the Clamcase, lightweight and completely portable, it changes your iPad into one serious machine. Send e-mails, manage data, make notes or surf the net all with the convenience of a …

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XWave – What are you thinking?

by Julie

The cool thing to have a while back was the Mindflex Game, I was aware of the technology behind it well before we got one for my daughter. I loved the idea of it. It was entertaining, but not as much as I had hoped. Maybe because she was so much better at it than we were. I am about to get another try however, PLX Devices is bringing us …

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Ballistic to debut Ballistic LS durable case

by Edwin

The word “ballistic” often evokes thoughts of guns and bullets, and with the company Ballistic churning out a range of advanced mobile accessories to date, they have certainly lived up to their name with quality releases so far. As for their latest creation, the Ballistic LS, it will be shown off to the world for the first time at CES 2011 which is happening in slightly over a week’s time. …

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TEAC Aurb handles all your audio needs

by Edwin

Once in a while, a device comes along that touts to handle all of a particular need. Well, we have the TEAC Aurb this time around which not only plays nice with your iPhone and iPod (being a dock and all), it also doubles up as a CD player (just in case you have those Michael Jackson classics on a collection of CDs) and an FM radio, for moments when …

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