The DashLink Console – Because Bikers Like Tech Too

by Julie

I love the feel of the wind in my hair, my leather jacket against my skin and the power of a Harley Davidson motorcycle under my butt… Just me and the open road, bugs in my teeth, listening to the growl of my American made beast, and um, my iPod… Okay, I don’t ride a damn bike, but if I did, I’d want a Dashlink Console. Marketed by Hell’s Foundry, …

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iKit juices up your iPhone 4 independently

by Edwin

The Apple iPhone 4 has certainly been one of the best selling phones of this generation, creating a whole lot of buzz and rumors when it was first announced, not to mention having third party manufacturer accessories getting spotted in the wild. Well, since its launch, the iPhone 4 has steadily made its way into the hands of many, and with it, a fast growing accessory market. One major gripe …

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HEX Sport Watch Band

by Edwin

HEX is a name that is associated with fashionable tech accessories, and this time around the company has rolled out its latest offering for the masses – especially those who own the latest iPod nano (6th generation) as they can then slot it into the HEX Sport Watch Band. The HEX Sport Watch Band will not only let your iPod nano function as a watch, it also doubles up as …

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Moshi Moshi Office Phone

by Edwin

The old school traditional handset of a house phone is definitely something that will usher in nostalgia for the older generation out there, as the younger ones will most probably hardly use a home phone, relying instead on their iPhones and plethora of smartphones. Well, Firebox intends to usher in nostalgia with the Moshi Moshi Office Phone. What does this puppy do? All you need to do is plug in …

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Wedgi offers hands-free smartphone operation

by Edwin

Everyone knows that driving around while yakking on your cell phone without a hands-free kit (be it a speakerphone or a Bluetooth headset) is dangerous, not only to you but to other road users as well. After all, having your concentration taken off the road by an iota could potentially lead to a catastrophe down the road, pun intended. This is why getting a hands-free kit is of utmost importance, …

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iKit rolls out AutoCharge + USB

by Edwin

iKit is definitely a name that you should be familiar with when it comes to Apple accessories, and this manufacturer is now back with another innovative offering – the AutoCharge + USB. What makes the AutoCharge + USB so special? Well, it is actually a high-performance 2.1 AMP USB port that delivers a simple and rapid charge to your iPad, iPhone, iPod and USB devices whenever you are on-the-go. Yes …

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iPhone Desktop Handset

by Edwin

So you’re pretty proud that you’ve finally gotten hold of the phone that the world lusts after, which is the iPhone 4. Well, just in case you want to make sure you get the best bang for your iPhone buck, you can always bring home the $59.95 iPhone Desktop Handset. Basically, the iPhone Desktop Handset will turn your compatible iPhone into a desktop handset, as long as it remains docked. …

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Hands on with the Wowee One Portable Speaker

by Mark R

While I was at CES 2011, I stopped by the WOWee ONE booth and was shown the particular unit firsthand. The WOWee ONE is not related to Wowwee, a company made famous for all sorts of nifty robot toys, but the company with the single w “WOWee” are makers of a speaker for iPod, iPad, MP3, MP4, and anything else with a headphone jack. The speaker has a unique ability …

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