Clinique offers revolutionary shopping experience

by Edwin

Clinique has come up with a new way to shop – and that is through the incorporation of technology that has become so prevalent in our lives these days. The world leader in beauty is now the first cosmetics brand to use the Apple iPad in-store as part of a state-of-the-art, self-guided skin care diagnostic tool which is currently being rolled out later this month at select counters nationwide. According …

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KitSound Boomdock annoys your neighbors

by Edwin

Want a surefire way to annoy your neighbors to no end? Then you can fork out £99.99 for the KitSound Boomdock, and make a nuisance of yourself in the neighborhood. This 2.1 audio system boasts of a top loading tray, forward firing satellite drivers as well as a down firing 5.25” subwoofer that is full well capable of delivering a sonic punch which punches above its weight class whenever you …

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Velocomp announces iBike Dash Cycling Computer

by Edwin

Are you a true blue health buff? Then chances are you will have involved yourself in a variety of sports, where among them include swimming, cycling and running, classic triathlon motions which most people will find comfortable with. Well, Velocomp has decided to help you out in this department with their new iBike Dash Cycling Computer. This is a lightweight wireless bicycle computer system which is capable of turning any …

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iPhone Live Rider

by Edwin

Do you happen to love the great outdoors while zipping up and around on your bicycle? That’s a cinch with the iPhone Live Rider, where this £69.99 contraption will also deliver essential information as to whether all that workout of yours is making you any slimmer, burning away the love handles that have long plagued your waistline since the holiday season. After all, exercise bikes in the gym are super …

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iPhone Jackpot Slots

by Edwin

Can’t get enough of Vegas or Macau? Apart from getting professional help so that you don’t sink deeper into the pit of uncontrolled gambling, there is another way out for those who still feel that they can battle it out on their own. We’re talking about the £29.99 iPhone Jackpot Slots, where you are required to provide the iPhone for yourself first before getting started on some portable one-armed bandit …

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JOYSTICK-IT, A Must Have iPad Arcade Accessory

by Julie

Having just left the aisles of The New York Toy Fair, I am exhausted and amazed. There were many items that drew attention, some were educational, some were environmentally friendly and some were, well, just darn fun. So meet JOYSTICK-IT a neat little attachable device that will bring your iPad gaming, or any tablet based gaming, to the next level. The JOYSTICK-IT attaches with a low tech suction cup, for …

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iPad case goes bling

by Edwin

The Joy Factory – ah, that name itself should evoke a smile on your face, after all, who would want to turn down some bling? Well, the company knows that you treasure your iPad a whole lot (although that affection will most probably be transferred over to the iPad 2 when that arrives later this spring), and has just unveiled a Swarovski Crystal-studded, special edition Arc-PurpleRomance iPad case and stand. …

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ion’s StealthPredator – Stylish protection for your iPhone

by Julie

I love my iPhone, in fact I have no idea what any of us did before we had these things. If I forget to bring my phone with me, the day is shot. I can’t get anything done, and I worry all day that someone needs to get in touch and can’t. I mean, no one knows my house phone number, or work… I just wish these devices had more …

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