Kidz Gear has new headphones for little ones

by Edwin

You know that back in the day, owning a mobile phone was pretty big business. You had to be a person with a reasonably comfortable bank balance in order to purchase one of these puppies, and there was still this thing called payphones as well. Make an appointment with a friend, and ensure you stick to the time and place religiously, as there was no way to keep in touch …

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VooMote Zapper is now available

by Edwin

Have you been looking forward to the VooMote Zapper? Well, I want to play harbinger of good news – the VooMote Zapper is now available on, and if you are patient enough, preferring the brick and mortar store setup, it too, will arrive soon in Apple Stores around the country. This elegant dongle will transform your iDevice into a universal remote,’s latest invention will be battery-free. Touted to …

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Movies, Music and More – iTunes not Required

by Julie

If you are now using a DVD ripper or wrangling with the extra steps of a dreaded video converter to make your favorite DVD movies compatible with your iPad,  or if you are still paying hard earned money and relying on iTunes to sync your iPad files, then let me introduce you iPad Transfer, iPad fans have now found what seems to be the most all-in-one solution to iPad’s video conversion and file …

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Rokform Rokbed v3 iPhone case

by Edwin

When you have a device like the iPhone and the iPod touch selling like hot cakes, and folks do actually camp outside your store a couple of days before the actual launch date just to be one of the first in the world to lay hands on the latest iPhone, you know that you are on to a winner here. Needless to say, with such a huge market base, third …

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Apptoyz AppBlaster

by Edwin

The £14.99 Apptoyz AppBlaster is the first interactive gun in the world that is meant for gaming, where your iPod or iPhone will be housed within the viewfinder in order to provide you with a truly unique gaming experience. Of course, each purchase will need to be accompanied by the free app to get you going, transforming just about anywhere you are into a virtual battleground. I would say that …

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Get ready for the Age of iWalk!

by Mark R

It is truly amazing that companies can stay afloat with just accessories alone. We have already reported on the quality ones from TYLT, and now it is time for iWalk. The company has about twelve patented docking backup battery models. The batteries range in power from 800 mAh to 15,000 mAh. Sure, a lot of companies have products like these, but this one has some that are quite unique. For …

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Optrix HD for the iPhone/iPod Touch

by Mark R

Time for another tech trend that I have noticed the last time I reported on the Miveu. The trend is turning the iPhone into an action camera, like the GoPro or other similar models. This one by Optrix is designed to be a durable frame for the iPhone/iPod Touch into a camera, and clip to a bike so you have access to the iPhone itself. Because of the Optrix, you …

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Treehouse Labs BiKN

by Mark R

This particular device is known as the bikn, but it is pronounced like the word “beacon”. The creators of this device decided that they wanted to provide the iPhone more protection than a case. The case itself comes in many colors, and you can also pick a tag base or highlight color. The BiKN comes with tags that can be clipped to a user’s belt or other appendage. Each of …

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