USB Outlet Quattro-“the Gadget Plug”

by Julie

As you can imagine I have a bunch of gadgets and they all come with their own little box that you plug the USB into, before you plug it into the wall outlet. I have a million of them. They are bulky, some have the little folding prongs, you need to make sure you have it with you all the time or you cant charge anything, literally just one of …

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iLaunch Rocket Launcher for iPhone

by Edwin

There is an app for everything, or so the saying goes. You might want to add another “job description” to your iPhone, where it is used to control a rocket launcher. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and the situation at the office does get rather hairy from time to time, deadlines and all to meet alongside pressure from the top management. Here is …

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Megaphone turns up the volume

by Edwin

So, you think that the iPhone or iPod touch is the next best thing since sliced bread? You could be correct on the account of it being a portable media player, and apart from docking it to a standard speaker dock or listening to your tunes using a pair of headphones, along comes the Megaphone which will be available in two flavors – £399.99 and £599.99, where the former comes …

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Libratone Live and Libratone Lounge offers AirPlay connectivity

by Edwin

Everyone wants to go wireless these days, and I cannot blame them for it. After all, living the wireless lifestyle is definitely something worth looking into, as we own more and more consumer electronics devices than ever before. Just take a look at the number of chargers that you need to pack before you head off on a long trip – surely the number might even scare you! Of course, …

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Duo Pop – a Gameshow for your iPad

by Julie

Ever since I was little, I always loved the idea of family game night. It always made me feel special and I always had so much fun! I guess psychologists have a million different reasons why family time is so important to the development of a child. I just know it was one of the highlights of being a kid, and it made me feel a whole lot closer to …

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Apple Free – iDevice Protection

by Julie

  I admitted in a recent post that I had yet to purchase an iPhone. While I got the occasional accolade, for the most part people snickered and belittled me for not yet entering the 21st century. Bear in mind I already had an iPad and an iPod and various other electronic  items that should have qualified me among the tech savvy, but most folks were faintly ashamed of me. This weekend …

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Tagg Pet Tracker – Your Pet can Text You while he’s Away

by Julie

When I was a kid we had a dog that ran away all the time, I remember combing the streets and screaming his name over and over, making posters and driving the streets with my dad. Thing is, he was so cute and lovable, we would always find him hanging out with some neighbors, getting fed table scraps and lounging in the grass, but I still worried, I loved him …

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SleepRate – and Sleep Well

by Julie

A typical morning at my house begins the same way everyday. I always ask my husband how he slept, and he always informs me that he was up all night. This is constantly a revelation to me, as I am a night owl, often up till 2 or 3 am and he goes to bed at 10, and never once… have I seen the whites of his eyes, or had …

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