by Mike

For the iPod hound that has everything under the sun, including the miFlower, here’s another one to add to the collection: an iFish. The iFish is billed as a musical pet for your iPod, as if a normal set of speakers just wouldn’t cut it. Your iFish will play just about any MP3 player, too, but the iPod is definitely its main focus, given the white body of the fish, …

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Wonder iPod dock that does business as well

by Edwin


If you’re one busy bee who cannot remain disconnected from the world even during the night, perhaps the Bedside Phone Center is your dream gadget in your bedroom. Looks like the manufacturer of the Bedside Phone Center is a strong believer in the adage, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, and thus have equipped this device with an iPod dock for your entertainment purposes. Getting down …

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Wireless Outdoor Speakers

by Mike

ZipConnect Wireless Outdoor Speaker Set

Having your tunes with you outside by the pool or in the hot tub is pretty cool, but any wired solution is either to much work, or to expensive. Fortunately for you, wireless speaker systems have gone down in price and going up in quality. The ZipConnect Wireless Outdoor Speakers are great for using outside, especially with your iPod, but it works with any MP3 player, CD player, and even …

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Colorize your gadgets

by Mike

Colorware Company Logo

You’ve got your $2,000 MacBook Pro, but the silver pain job just isn’t doing it for you. Maybe you want a unique iPod, considering everyone else has one, too. Colorware tailors exactly to you, the people with too much money! Colorware is a third party vendor that will take your gadgets and give them a new paint job. They do a wide variety of products, including most of the current …

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iTheater portable video glasses

by Mike


You want a big screen TV with surround sound, but there’s just no room. That’s no problem, get yourself a pair of iTheater video glasses. Yes, I said glasses and they only weigh 3 ounces. Essentially, the iTheater is a personal entertainment center that you wear as if they were glasses. You get great video and audio quality, too. The video is at a 230,000 pixel resolution and the audio …

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Belkin iPod Battery Pack

by Mike

Belkin iPod Battery Pack

Nearly everyone has an iPod, and nearly everyone who has it loves it. I know I do. One negative I’ve found is its battery life. It’s poor to say the least. Belkin’s iPod Battery Pack is able to power the 5G (video), 4G, 3G, and Photo iPods for an extra 15 hours of music, or 6 hours of video on the 5G. That, plus the iPod’s battery should be able …

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by Mike


Carrying around your iPod without a case in your pocket is likely to cause some damage, taking it places like the beach, with all that sand and water, is iPod suicide. Fortunately there is the iSplash, a water and weather resistant boom box for your iPod. It also works with any other MP3 player/CD player with a mini headphone jack.

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Waterproof Gadget Bags

by Al

Gadget Waterproof Bags

If you’ve always wanted to be able to play your PSP in the bath but were slightly nervous to do so a solution is at hand, zip lock gadget bags. The zip lock bags (AKA Aquatalk) come in a variety of sizes to suit many every day gadgets, like PSPs, Nintendo DS flip-top mobile phones etc. As my knowledge of Japanese is on par with my knowledge of quantum physics, …

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