Karaoke for your iPod

by Mike

Karaoke has always been a great way to embarrass yourself in front of friends and strangers, but, until now, there’s been no way to do some karaoke on your iPod. Fortunately, Griffin makes some pretty sweet iPod accessories, and that’s only going to continue when they release the iKaraoke come Winter of 06.

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Upgrade your sound today with Creative Xmod

by Edwin


Most of us still think that MP3s and other audio file formats sound nothing quite like the original as stored on the audio CD, but this situation can be easily remedied by plugging in the Creative Xmod device into any existing MP3 player like the iconic iPod. Talk about true plug-and-play – there is no need for you to install any software or drivers to take advantage of the Xmod’s …

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Cool iPod Holder, Car Charger and FM Transmitter

by Al

iPod Car Charger, FM transmitter and remote

This is probably the best iPod gadget for your car, the 4-in-1 iPod car kit. The iPod Car Kit includes a cradle to hold the ipod, a charger that’s powered off you cars cigarette lighter, an FM Transmitter so that you can listen to your iPod over the car stereo and a remote control so even rear seat passengers can skip tunes (though if you have kids that class the …

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XtremeMac MicroPack Portable iPod Dock

by Mike

XtremeMac MicroPack Portable iPod Dock

Even with the improved iPods, the battery life definitely has some room for improvement, especially in regards to playing video. Good luck getting through a trip to London from the States on one charge. There are options to extend the battery life, one being the Belkin Battery Pack, but why not get more bang for your buck? That’s what the XtremeMac MicroPack Portable Dock does.

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Wireless Amplified Speaker goes solar

by Edwin


Why not do your bit in keeping power costs down at your home by incorporating more and more solar-powered products? The new Wireless Amplified Speaker with Solar Charge TX/RX from iGadget harnesses the power of the sun and converts that energy into juice for seven AA rechargeable batteries which in turn will power the speaker. You can choose to use the built-in solar panels which are mounted on top of …

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Aquapac MP3 case

by Marc


Aquapac are a company who make … umm… plastic bags? Well yes, but these are not your ordinary bag. Aquapac cases are designed to protect your fragile consumer electronics from water (hence the name). If you’re a regular visitor to the beach you’ll appreciate that water and sand can really make a mess of your gadgets! These guys make a range of waterproof bags to cater for different appliances (including …

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The Bedside Phone Center

by Mike

The Bedside Phone Center

For some people, space is a premium, or maybe they just hate to clutter up their houses with different gadgets for everything they own. The Bedside Phone Center combines a lot of gadgets into one. It even has a dock for your iPod.

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Karaoke with your iPod while showering

by Edwin


Nearly everyone has an iPod these days, and it comes as no surprise that the new and revamped range of digital audio players from Apple will cause even the staunchest, most vocal of anti-iPod evangelists to pause and think of jumping on the bandwagon . Of course, purchasing a brand new iPod is one thing, but keeping it safe and sound from the rigours of everyday use could be another …

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