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When it comes to the modern day gadget owner, one thing is for sure: there are plenty of accessories to go along with your various devices, supposedly making them more impervious to damage or look cooler. Modern day gadgets also have one Achilles Heel, its battery life which could prove to be less than expected. In other words, a charger is often something that we bring around, since we never quite know when we might use up the daily supply of juice and would need to charge it up during an emergency. Enblue has come up with the EVOLUS 3 Qi multi-docking station that prides itself in delivering wireless charging capability for the all new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, while not forgetting that it is also able to cater to the iPad and Apple Watch in terms of charging, too.

The EVOLUS 3 Qi will integrate a sleek, Qi certified, module with 3-coil technology, ensuring that it is able to keep the new (and expensive) iPhones charged with a maximum of 7.5 watts, 5V/1.5A, all well within the parameters that have been limited by Apple. Regardless of whether you sold your kidney for the new iPhone X or settled for the more affordable iPhone 8 (relatively speaking, of course), the iPhone when charged will be in the most natural, upright position. The reason behind this is to enable easy access when checking and viewing messages during the charging process. Of course, there will be support for a transverse position as well, in order for you to hook it up to a pair of earphones.

It does not matter the size of your iPhone or iPad, the EVOLUS 3 Qi is able to host them all, as well as the Apple Watch series 1, 2, and 3. Chances are, it will be able to work even with a protective case surrounding your device. Made out of aircraft grade aluminium, it will cost $149 and arrive in Cool Silver.

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iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus changes the landscape once again Thu, 14 Sep 2017 16:00:52 +0000 iphone8Apple has done it yet again: by launching a brand new generation of iPhones, this time in the form of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus that will see off the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Incidentally, the previous generation iPhones have now been given a price drop, so woe to those who could not wait for one more day before the iPhone 8’s release and picked up the previous generation handset. Just what kind of goodies can we expect from the new iPhones?

For starters, there will be a totally new glass and aluminum design, arriving in a trio of beautiful colors of gray, silver or gold, while sporting what has been touted to be the most durable glass ever used in a smartphone. There will also be the gorgeous looking Retina HD display as well as the speedy A11 Bionic chip, bringing together the right kind of hardware for the ultimate augmented reality experience.

As imaging had always been one of the strong qualities of an iPhone, there will be Portrait Lighting on the iPhone 8 Plus. Not only that, life is also made all the more convenient with the introduction of wireless charging on these two handsets. Expect both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to be available for pre-order from Friday, September 15 in over 25 countries and territories, arriving in stores this Friday, September 22.

Precision‑engineered to resist water and dust, your eyes will be greeted by 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch Retina HD displays, working in tandem with True Tone to adjust the white balance of the display. Running on iOS 11, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are expected to be successes in its own right. In terms of pricing, there will be 64GB to 256GB models, with prices starting from $699 apiece.

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mophie reveals Wireless Charging Base for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X Wed, 13 Sep 2017 13:00:41 +0000 mophie-wireless-charging-baseSo, the all new generation of iPhones have just been revealed, and this means breaking the bank yet again in order to obtain the latest smartphone from Cupertino. Mophie wants in on the game as well as an accessory manufacturer, hence the reveal of the wireless charging base for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. This is a universal wireless charging pad that is able to deliver a quick and easy charging experience for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, as well as high-speed wireless charging up to 7.5W for compatible devices.

Available this coming September 20th, the wireless charging pad from mophie will retail for $59.95 apiece. It has been specially designed to begin charging in the most simple of manners — by placing the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X on the pad and it is good to go. While your spanking new iPhone is placed on it, the charging process goes on without compromising on the full functionality of it. In other words, you can continue to use the display and connect to Bluetooth accessories, among other things.

This wireless charging pad will feature a base that boasts of a dual-injected rubberized, non-slip finish that ensures proper placement of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X whenever they undergo the charging process. It will feature the latest Qi wireless technology for universal compatibility, comes with a high-speed wall adapter and cable, and sports a low-profile design. The rubberized finish helps to prevent unwanted scratches, too.

Chris Ahern, president at mophie, shared, “mophie has demonstrated its commitment to making charging as effortless as possible through our ecosystem of wireless charging solutions. The mophie wireless charging base provides the optimal experience for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X customers from day one.”

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Palmzi intends to correct poor posture while using smartphones Tue, 29 Aug 2017 20:00:22 +0000 palmziThe proliferation of mobile device usage among the masses has long passed the critical mass. In fact, just about everyone has a smartphone these days, unless you happen to live in a really far off area that still relies on dumbphones to get the job done. One thing about smartphones that we all love would be its versatility in capability. It not only doubles up as a primary communications device while we are on the move, it is also a nifty portable office, is full well capable of functioning as a portable media player, and works great as a navigation device. With these features in mind, many of us tend to bend over or develop a very poor posture when using our smartphones, and Palmzi is an upcoming accessory that intends to reverse that trend.

Palmzi claims to be the first ergonomic posture correcting accessory that has been developed especially for mobile devices, but how does it back up its claim of functionality? It basically add comfort and convenience to the mobile use experience like a tripod of sorts, hence serving up a solution to prevent and treat negative effects which arise from our smartphone use. Also described to be the first ergonomic palm support for mobile devices in the world that arrives in a stable, lightweight, foldable design, the benefits of using Palmzi are numerous.

For starters, it will help to raise your mobile device to a safe, comfortable, eye-level distance — sort of like a tripod. This will in turn help to correct poor posture instantly, while it also does its bit to reduce neck pain as well as stiffness that has been associated with mobile phone usage, and this condition is also otherwise known as “text neck”. It has been built to be lightweight and portable, and yet is also durable enough to be brought around with you just about everywhere. Certainly the 21st century road warrior would do well to check out Palmzi when it is available, expected to arrive at the end of the year.

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Halos GoDrive Pro ensures your iPhone will never run out of storage Mon, 21 Aug 2017 12:00:17 +0000 halos-godrive-proIn a perfect world, the smartphone is a device that will never get obsolete, will have infinite battery life and of course, storage that never runs out at all. However, reality has proven itself to be a very, very different beast, with many of us juggling with our smartphone storage and wondering just how 128GB of space gets filled up so quickly, when all those years ago with a 40MB hard drive, it more or less took forever to fill up. Halos is here to help with their GoDrive Pro, ensuring that your iPhone will never, ever experience the issue of not having enough space to stash stuff inside.

The GoDrive Pro from Halos is a microSD memory card reader and quick charger device for the iPhone and iPad, with one of the better apps out there to perform data transfer between the mobile device and another compatible device. Since the GoDrive Pro merges the functionality of a quick charger alongside that of a microSD memory card reader, it makes sure that as you offload data and content from your iPhone to a computer, your smartphone will continue to be juiced up as well. In fact, it takes a mere 20 minutes in order to bring the battery level of the iPhone all the way up to 50%, now how about that when it comes to efficiency?

Available on Kickstarter as a crowdfunding project, the Halos GoDrive Pro will help enlarge the amount of iPhone storage through the simple act of inserting a microSD memory card into the USB interface. With the GoDrive app, users are then able to transfer photos, videos, music and files directly from the iPhone to the microSD memory card, and this will in turn be able to release iPhone storage that would be better off holding other kinds of valuable content. With the GoDrive Pro, one is able to read, transfer and share data of a microSD memory card between other compatible intelligent devices, ranging from digital cameras to dash cams and drones, among others. The data transmission process will feature a read speed of up to 30 MB/s and a write speed of up to 20 MB/s.

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HandL MAXIMUS Phone Case takes a unique design route Thu, 17 Aug 2017 19:00:43 +0000 butt-caseThe smartphone is one particular device that definitely needs a case of its own, as you can never quite tell as to when disaster is going to strike, but when it comes to choosing the model, it can be quite a headache. Here is something that will definitely be very different — the HandL MAXIMUS Phone Case, which is also known as the Butt Case. The design of the HandL MAXIMUS is meant to help you reunite with the power of touch, as Allen Hirsch, the artist and inventor of the HandL phone cases shared, “Touching the buttocks is one of the most pleasant tactile and ergonomic experiences.”

We do wonder whether there is going to be more than that which goes on in the mind when setting off such feelings in a person, but the HandL MAXIMUS Phone Case is definitely a unique addition of its kind in the market. Specially designed to be a natural extension of your hand, it boasts of a patented elastic and brace system so that the use can hold the smartphone using just one or two fingers. This in turn will free up the other hand, while relieving the amount of stress and discomfort of gripping.

With the HandL MAXIMUS Phone Case, it will provide a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to taking longer range selfies, and whenever you would like to pan a video shot across the room, or to capture a scenic panoramic shot, it is the ideal tool to have as it can convert into a hands-free portrait/landscape stand. In other words, the HandL is touted to be the most comfortable method for one to enjoy content on a smartphone. Expect the new HandL MAXIMUS Case to retail for $70 apiece, where it is available for the iPhone 7 Plus.

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mophie delivers portable USB-C charging solution Mon, 07 Aug 2017 19:00:39 +0000 mophie-powerstationmophie is a very well known name when it comes to mobile accessories, especially smartphones that need a power boost in your daily life. The company has since rolled out its fair share of smartphone cases that come with an integrated power source, allowing you to prolong usage of your device while obtaining protection at the same time, without having to head to the nearest power outlet in the middle of the day. This time around, mophie has something slightly different although it has everything to do with power — the USB-C XXL power station. The mophie USB-C XXL power station is a high capacity universal battery which has been specially designed to charge the MacBook (2015), MacBook Pro (2016), iPad, iPhone and other compatible mobile devices.

Boasting of a single USB-C and one more USB-A output charge port, this power station will feature a whopping 19,500mAh battery. This translates to more than a single full charge to a MacBook, and will arrive in soft-touch fabric so that users will be able to have a premium look and feel without cramping Apple’s product styling cues.

The USB-C port will feature USB-PD technology, enabling it to charge USB-C laptops at rapid charging rates. We are looking at up to 30 Watts, as well as the ability to accept high-speed charging input even when it is hooked up to USB-PD chargers. As for the remaining features of the mophie USB-C XXL power station, they include an additional USB-A output port 5V/2.4A, a role switch that is controlled by a status button (USB-C input/USB output), the USB-C port with a default function being set to output charge, LEDs that display the direction of charge which will confirm the switch position, a Cypress CCG2 chipset. And pass-through charging USB-C to USB-A. The asking price for the mophie USB-C XXL power station stands at $149.95 and makes for the perfect addition to any road warrior’s arsenal of gizmos.

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ExoLens Case for the iPhone 7 arrives Sat, 01 Apr 2017 12:00:59 +0000 iphone7-exolensSo, you have decided to stick to the iPhone 7 despite seeing some pretty stiff competition emerge from the Android segment of smartphones such as the Google Pixel, the LG G6, and the recently revealed Samsung Galaxy S8. Brand loyalty does seem to pay off pretty well, actually, and for those who would like to maximize their use of the iPhone 7, it would be best to ensure that it goes along with a decent protective case. The latest ExoLens Case covers this ground, that is for sure.

This is an extremely durable, dual layer case that opens the door for photographers and cinematographers alike to make use of the ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS mobile photography lenses that they have come to fall in love with, all the while protecting their devices from drops and scratches when shooting. It has been designed using with high-end aesthetics and impact-resistant materials, and the clear ExoLens Case delivers a low profile, highly protective solution that will showcase your iPhone 7’s design culture, even sans the lenses. The asking price for the ExoLens Case? $49.95 a pop.

John Fellowes, Chief Executive Officer of Fellowes Brands, shared, “Many of our customers use our mobile accessories to shoot beautiful images in adventurous locations, where drops and scratches are common. The availability of our new ExoLens Case means they can enjoy professional-grade mobile lenses, without the risk of damaging their phone. We believe that protecting our customer’s phones while they shoot will give them the freedom to capture even more exciting imagery.”

With the ExoLens Case, users can make the easy switch between ExoLens PRO lenses with Optics by ZEISS, which has been designed to target professional photographers and journalists, in addition to the prosumer photographer who wants to create unique, and artistic snapshots. The clear case will also come with protection for the iPhone 7, where it hides the aesthetic of the handset. Right now, the ExoLens Case is available for the iPhone 7 only, and will hit the iPhone 7 Plus later down the road.

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Case-Mate features Allure selfie case for better looking narcissistic shots Mon, 20 Mar 2017 19:00:28 +0000 allure-casemate“Selfie time!” is a phrase that many of us hear on a regular basis, and even more so when it comes to gatherings with family and friends. Check out social media accounts of many people today, and you will see selfies and food shots being two very popular themes. Well, the front-facing camera has certainly improved by leaps and bounds over the years in a smartphone, but there is still room for improvement. Case-Mate knows this, which is why they have worked with Allure in order to deliver the all-new Allure x Case-Mate Selfie Case.

This particular Allure x Case-Mate Selfie Case will feature adjustable, professional-grade LED lighting that can illuminate the user’s face with a soft, flattering glow. The case itself comes with a 360° rotating ring that delivers additional functionality and security; all the while maintaining dual-layer drop protection. The user is also able to capture up to 2,000 selfies with a single, full charge. In order to sweeten the deal, the Allure x Case-Mate Selfie Case comes with a complimentary one year subscription to Allure Magazine, as well as a month’s subscription to the Allure Beauty Box.

The asking price for the Allure x Case-Mate Selfie Case? $70 a pop on Case-Mate’s e-commerce site, although folks will soon be able to pick it up from their local Verizon retailer in due time as well. Those who are interested can choose from rose gold or a shade of black, with the latter being made available only some time down the road.

Now the Allure x Case-Mate Selfie Case is a new smartphone case that delivers protection while offering a stylish solution at the same time. Those who love snapping selfies would definitely want to check it out, and it is one of the very few smartphone cases that needs to be charged, now how about that?

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InkCase IVY is a new iPhone 7 case that does more than offer protection Thu, 02 Mar 2017 12:00:38 +0000 oaxisOwning a brand new smartphone would more often than not mean having one more action item to do — that is, to purchase a protective case to go along with it. Even more so if you happen to pick up one of those high end premium devices, surely additional protection is more than welcome. Well, it looks like there is a brand new iPhone 7 case that is in the market by the folks over at Oaxis, calling it the InkCase IVY. The InkCase IVY is more than a simple iPhone case, it is touted to be an iPhone 7-compatible Personal Assistant. Now that’s certainly saying a whole lot.

How does the InkCase IVY go about with its tasks? Well, this is no ordinary case, and being a smart case, it boasts of an E-Ink screen that has been specially designed to conserve phone battery while bringing daily reminders, tasks, and notifications to users. Pre-orders for the InkCase IVY is already open, so for those who would like to up the ante when it comes to their iPhone protection will definitely be able to benefit from owning this.

One more advantage of the InkCase IVY is the fact that it will not add too much bulk to your device. In fact, it will make the iPhone 7 a mere 3.1mm thicker, while sporting a high-quality 2.13-inch E-Ink display that comes with the likes of anti-glare properties which will help to diminish eyestrain while letting users consult their InkCase IVY with ease.

Expect the InkCase IVY to showcase the time, fitness activities, and scannable membership barcodes, in addition to making it easier to manage to-do lists, issue calendar reminders, and receive select notifications based on the user’s identified favorite contacts. Why not let those around you know subtly in a digital manner your mood by choosing special styles and images for display on the E-Ink screen? It is said that a single charge will let the InkCase IVY last for up to two months.

Arriving in black and white and a couple of special editions, prices start from $49 onward during pre-order.

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