Apple-worthy iPad® Stand

by Alison

Apple revolutionized the world of PC design. Heck even going back to the SE/30 in the 80s, Apple always took the look of the unit as seriously as the unit itself. And oh boy, has it paid off. The iPad has become the “can’t live without it” device for many. Some even incorporate them into desk environments as an additional resource while working. On its own it looks just as …

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The NEW Bamboo Stylus Pocket – Because Fingers are Fat

by Julie

I honestly hate my husbands Smartphone, whenever we’re in the car and he asks me to answer a text for him, I hate it even more. I can’t say that I have particularly chubby fingers, but I can never seem to get through a whole text without mis-typing several letters. I can think of a few phones, tablets, or even some apps that could truly benefit from a nice stylus… …

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Charge Your iPad +15 Friends’

by Alison

Does your household jockey for the right to charge an iPad next? Getting them all charged at the same time becomes a matter of who takes priority. And you know there are companies out there who have multiple iPads in circulation at the same time. Think of busy environments like construction sites or tradeshow floors. Technology is constantly in use. Communication is key, transactions are happening. And batteries die!

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New iMac first look is lean and mean …

by James

New iMac

Apple announced the new iMac today. It’s not as boxy or ugly as it’s predecessor, thankfully. Dumping the 17” screen in favor of 20 and 24” models, the iMac is made out of aluminum, glass and sports a very thin keyboard that comes in wired and Bluetooth versions, along with 2 stock 2 USB 2.0 ports built in. Under the hood? A 2.4GHz Core 2 Extreme processor with ATI’s Radeon …

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