ZooGue iPad Case Prodigy for iPads

by Edwin

Any gadget lover worth his or her salt would definitely want to do their level best to ensure that their spanking new gadgets will remain in pristine condition for as long as possible. After all, there is a decent second hand market that you can always look into if you want to dispose of your gadgets at a good price, and what better way to protect the value of your …

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DoubleUp™ When You Charge

by Alison

Hey Apple users: quick, how many chargers are currently plugged in around the house? Between docking stations and cables it seems most rooms in the house have a way to charge idevices. But that is the problem – they are in different rooms! All those chargers and yet we STILL find ourselves saying ‘my pad is at 2% and my phone isn’t done charging’. Why should we have to change …

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Watch an iPad Mini Strip Show

by Alison

Happy iPad Mini launch day! Sure the iPad Mini is cute. But the gurus at ifixit.com – home of repair manuals and parts for gadgets galore – want to get to the bottom of the device. So yes, they dissected an out-of-the-box unit earlier this week in their iPad Mini Teardown. View the step by step process at the video below or on their website.

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Apple updates iPad, some call it the iPad 3S

by Edwin

It seems that apart from the Mac mini, there is an incremental update being made to the mainstay of Apple’s tablet business, which would be the new iPad. Of course, having said that, the new iPad of the past is not so new any more with the updated fourth generation iPad with Retina Display, where it will pack a faster A6X processor that can be found in the iPhone 5. …

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Apple unveils the iPad mini

by Edwin

It is Apple picking time today, and here we are with a spanking new iPad for the mass market. In fact, you can say that if the late Steve Jobs were to be around today, there might not be an iPad mini, or he would unapologetically claim that there is a need in the 7” tablet market that Apple wants to create upon the iPad mini’s announcement, never mind the …

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Let the iPad Take a Fall

by Alison

I am the biggest klutz I know. Ask anyone who knows me. There is never a week that goes by where I don’t have a bump or bruise. At least I admit my fault. So you can imagine, when it comes to gadgets I make the investment in the proper protection. In which case, I just found my next iPad case.

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Apple-worthy iPad® Stand

by Alison

Apple revolutionized the world of PC design. Heck even going back to the SE/30 in the 80s, Apple always took the look of the unit as seriously as the unit itself. And oh boy, has it paid off. The iPad has become the “can’t live without it” device for many. Some even incorporate them into desk environments as an additional resource while working. On its own it looks just as …

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The NEW Bamboo Stylus Pocket – Because Fingers are Fat

by Julie

I honestly hate my husbands Smartphone, whenever we’re in the car and he asks me to answer a text for him, I hate it even more. I can’t say that I have particularly chubby fingers, but I can never seem to get through a whole text without mis-typing several letters. I can think of a few phones, tablets, or even some apps that could truly benefit from a nice stylus… …

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