iPad Pocket Projector

by Edwin

I clearly remember when I first caught sight of a pocket projector – it certainly bowled me over with the possibilities, but after getting one, I rarely used it. Come to think of it, it has seen action just a handful of times, so much so that I can even count it on a single hand. I suppose it does not cater to my needs, but enough market research and …

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New Trent Airbender Mini now available

by Edwin

So, you have decided to pick up a spanking new iPad mini for yourself, and want to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that it remains as scratch free as possible, at least until the next generation iPad mini arrives, so that you can sell off your current iPad mini at the highest price possible? That is definitely a thought, but I prefer to look at gadgets this way …

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The GoGo Pillow gently holds your tablet in place

by Chris

There are a lot of tablet holders on the market. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit virtually all of your needs. Some are meant to be used on a table, while others will suspend it in front of you while you’re on the couch or in bed. But what if you just want something that’s really comfortable while it sits in your lap?

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Smart Cargo adds storage space to your iPad

by Chris

When you carry around a tablet, there are certain other accessories that you’d like to keep on-hand. A charging cable and wall adapter are great for when your battery is running low. A stylus can be nice, if you prefer not to smudge up your screen, or you need a little more precision. Finally, a set of earbuds will keep people from getting upset when you want to watch a …

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Handibot – the iPower Tool of the Future?

by Julie

In high school, I was the girl that didn’t take home economics. I took wood shop, and still remember the day my friends and I got caught duct taping a circular saw to a railing to use as a make shift table saw. Yes, I’m lucky I still have all my fingers and both eyes, I eventually passed that class, but I never made more than a toothbrush holder. Power …

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Findables – The Smarter Smartphone Case

by Julie

I share a lot of gadgets that have to do with finding, or tracking lost items. To hear it be told you would think I lose everything, all the time… and you’d be right. Presently, I’m missing 2 out of 4 remote phone handsets. The one thing I can’t lose is my iPhone, that would be life altering.

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Ten iPad Charging Bay

by Edwin

So you live in a house where just about every head under the roof own at least one Apple device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Assuming most of the folks there settle for an iPad for their portable computing needs, then you would know that charging these iPads individually can sometimes be a hassle. Since you are all one big happy family, how about having a communal charging …

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iPad Pen

by Edwin

You know something? When Apple came up with their iPad, it was definitely a watershed moment for the world of tablets. Sure, Microsoft might have come up with the tablet PC a fair number of years before that, but it really was the iPad that kicked off the tablet craze. You can more or less say that the iPad can be used without having to have a stylus or other …

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