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After the huge success of the iPhone along came the iPad, which created just as much of a stir. Like it’s predecessor, the iPad also created a whole new gadget niche we call iPad Gadgets. Here we’ll report on the latest iPad and iPad Mini news and the various bells and whistles available to compliment.


Halos GoDrive Pro ensures your iPhone will never run out of storage

by Edwin

In a perfect world, the smartphone is a device that will never get obsolete, will have infinite battery life and of course, storage that never runs out at all. However, reality has proven itself to be a very, very different beast, with many of us juggling with our smartphone storage and wondering just how 128GB of space gets filled up so quickly, when all those years ago with a 40MB hard drive, it more or less took forever to fill up. Halos is here to help with their GoDrive Pro, ensuring that your iPhone will never, ever experience the issue of not having enough space to stash stuff inside.

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mophie delivers portable USB-C charging solution

by Edwin

mophie-powerstationmophie is a very well known name when it comes to mobile accessories, especially smartphones that need a power boost in your daily life. The company has since rolled out its fair share of smartphone cases that come with an integrated power source, allowing you to prolong usage of your device while obtaining protection at the same time, without having to head to the nearest power outlet in the middle of the day. This time around, mophie has something slightly different although it has everything to do with power — the USB-C XXL power station. The mophie USB-C XXL power station is a high capacity universal battery which has been specially designed to charge the MacBook (2015), MacBook Pro (2016), iPad, iPhone and other compatible mobile devices.

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Urban Armor Gear guns for the new iPad Pro with its Metropolis case

by Edwin

urban-armor-gear-ipadproOwning a brand new smartphone or tablet often brings with it one specific accessory that is rather difficult to prise it away from — the protective case. However, with so many different kinds of model that are available in the market, just which particular tablet case that you would want to pick up for the latest collection of iPads from Apple? Urban Armor Gear has just the thing for you — with its brand new Metropolis Series Cases for the new iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch models.

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LifeProof NÜÜD for iPad Pro announced

by Edwin

nuud-ipad-proSo, you happen to own one of those spanking new iPad Pro tablets that makes you look extra smart, toting it around? Well, it seems that there is always room for improvement, especially in terms of keeping it well protected in the form of the LifeProof NÜÜD for iPad Pro. After all, there is always a certain resale value when it comes to the iPad Pro, and you might as well do your very best to take good care of it while it is under your ownership.

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Bamboo Sketch smart stylus is now compatible with iOS devices

by Edwin

wacom-bamboo-sketchNot all styluses are created and developed in the same manner. Some other models do seem to function better than the rest, and the same can be said for the all new Bamboo Sketch smart stylus. What makes the Bamboo Sketch different from the others? For starters, you are able to use it to draw on iOS devices, now how about that? An accessory which can be used to write as well as visualize your ideas on an iPad (the iPhone would be far too small, of course), as though you were writing on pen and paper, is certainly more than welcome as it helps to increase the versatility and function of your iPad.

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Pioneer’s Rayz is the first smart lighting earphones

by Edwin

rayzAre all earphones created equal? Not really, as Pioneer’s Rayz happens to lay claim to being the very first smart lighting earphones that will boast of talk as well as charge functions for the iPhone, iPad, as well as iPod touch. The Rayz and Rayz Plus earphones is a whole new collection of “appcessories”, which is a whole new take on the word “accessories”. Bringing the intelligence of an iOS app alongside innovative Lightning accessories, these are able to deliver whole new experiences which was not possible via the 3.5mm headphone jack.

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Flip – a stylus with a nostalgic feel

by Caitlyn


We grew up using pencils and pens, so when we started using a stylus on our tablets, the feeling wasn’t completely foreign. However, when we could start doodling or doing full-scale artistic pieces on our tablets, we started to care more about the type of stylus we were using. Different responses to pressure, different types of strokes and more all came into play as more options came onto the market.

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OIO introduces Amp iPad speaker case

by Edwin

oio-ampThe idea of tablets being used as a portable media player is not new at all, but then again, neither is it something which is all the craze these days. The tablet market has definitely been on a decline, if slightly, in recent times, and it does not look as though it is going to pick up anytime soon either. This does not mean that there is no money to be made where tablet accessories are concerned, since there is still a sizeable market out there. However, the choice of accessories would certainly come under scrutiny, since there is plenty to look forward to if you are going to kit out your tablet — or iPad in particular, with a speaker case. Yes, you read that right — a speaker case, which is something that does not arrive every other day.

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