Unicorn Door Light adds a dash of magic to your home


Unicorns are mythical as well as magical creatures, this is for sure. However, they too, do require their fair share of grooming. If there is one thing that we did not know about unicorns before this, it would be this – who would have thought that their bust would be able to provide some light in the midst of darkness? Well, this is what the £14.99 Unicorn Door Light has taught us anyway.

With the Unicorn Door Light, you will be able to hang up the likes of your coats, hats and keys on a mythical steed. It will light up through what looks like sheer magic at first (for 20 seconds), but in reality, it uses an internal motion sensor to kick in the lighting whenever it is stirred. To make sure that the Unicorn Door Light caters to different folks, it features magnetic and screw mounting options so that you have a better idea as to plan how to install this without having to drill additional holes into your walls. While there are no such thing as unicorns in real life, do take note that a fictional animal would definitely have been harmed in the making of the Unicorn Door Light!

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