Snowcraft adds another dimension to your winter holidays


No, we should not expect this Snowcraft here to be a Real Time Strategy (RTS) title that ends up as a cult hit to the masses, but rather, the $2,400 Snowcraft will offer one to maximize the enjoyment during the winter season as it is towed right behind a snowmobile or ATV in order to deliver an exciting winter trail ride for two. How does the Snowcraft work in the first place? Well, it will be attached to a vehicle using its integrated limited rotational hitch, allowing it to glide over snow, ice, and slush on a pair of flexible steel skis.

Not only that , it ought to be able to handle bumps in a smooth manner thanks to a gas-operated shock suspension system. It is made out of rotational-molded polyethylene, where the craft’s streamlined hull will sport eight different windows, as four of them are located up front, a pair at the side, and another two on top, with two side doors that will be able to swing open for easy entry/egress. The smooth ride and plentiful windows would provide ample opportunity for those within to shoot photos of winter’s beauty without being uncomfortably cold. The presence of rear vents pave the way for additional air flow for further comfort, while safety is not compromised thanks to brake and running lights alongside reflectors to help maintain the craft’s high visibility.

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