Jawbone UP3 multi-sensor activity tracker revealed


It was earlier this week that we took a look at the Jawbone UP Move, and this time around, it would be a slightly different “animal”, so to speak, in which it comes in the form of the Jawbone UP3. The Jawbone UP3 happens to be a multi-sensor activity tracker, and the whole purpose of its existence is to offer up in-depth information concerning your existing health as well as fitness condition.

Sporting a slim design, the Jawbone UP3 will feature a patented multi-sensor platform which will do its job of collecting and analyzing a wide range of biometric signals, and after making its own analysis of the collected information, it will then deliver a bunch of actionable insights that are specific to the wearer.

With the above mentioned Multi-sensor Platform, it will comprise of a spanking new tri-axis accelerometer, sophisticated bioimpedance sensors, and skin and ambient temperature sensors. Such technology enables the Jawbone UP3 to deliver your resting heart rate, which more often than not, happens to be a key indicator of one’s overall heart health, and it will also be able to capture additional health data via future firmware updates.

Not only that, with an Advanced Sleep function, the Jawbone UP3 will be able to keep track of detailed sleep stages that range from REM to Light and Deep sleep, hence enabling it to provide in-depth information on your sleep as well as what you are able to do in order to improve on the situation.

New smart algorithms will also let this activity monitor automatically identify workouts and classify your activities, where they include running, cross-training, and tennis, among others. All in all, this is an interesting device to own if you are really into fitness programs and regimes. The Jawbone UP3 will be made available later this year for $179.99 each, and while it comes in just one color – Black Twist at first, there will be more color options thrown into the mix from 2015 onward.

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Ken Says: November 29, 2014 at 12:00 am

Hello Edwin, Your blog is very nice. Jawbone UP3 multi-sensor activity tracker has all the features that I want in my fitness tracker. I will definitely buy this. Keep sharing !

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