Spider Glove Launcher for kids


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or so the saying goes. Well, since we are familiar with that particular saying, when was the last time you actually dropped by a store in order to pick up a toy for your beloved son or daughter? While your children have looked on at you in envy with your collection of Nerf guns and Nerf sessions with your mates, how about giving them some shooting toys of their own? Enter the $19.99 Spider Glove Launcher, which is a wristband that will be able to hold up to a quartet of darts for quick reloading.

This particular Spider Glove Launcher would feature a squeeze and fire mechanism, and adults who wished that they too, could get in on the fun will need to give it a pass, since this particular model is strictly meant for kids only. It is cool in its own right, and each time the wearer’s hand squeezes into a fist, the dart will fire away. It does not require any kind of battery to run – which is a good thing for our earth and landfills, while it is accompanied by half a dozen 6 foam darts (3 suction cup tipped, 3 hook-and-loop tipped). Now, if only they could come up with an adult sized version…

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