Light Show Fountain Speakers add some spark to your boring desk


When it comes to speakers, there are simply way too many models to choose from. After all, there is a slew of manufacturers out there in the market, and each of them also have their very own market as well as individual range of speakers that they would love to cater to different folks out there. However, one thing that most, if not all, speakers do not come with is this – magical lights that enhance the audio which beckons from the tweeters and woofers within. Well, this unique Light Show Fountain Speaker set is slightly different from the rest of the pack, as you can tell from its name, since it not only pumps out all of your favorite tunes with aplomb, but it also boasts of a light show fountain.

All that you need to do to get a light show fountain of your own going would be to plug in the Light Show Fountain Speakers into any compatible music playback device, and you’re good to go. Whenever you play back your favorite tunes, the water within the speakers will start to “dance” according to the beat, and there will be a quartet of LEDs in different colors that will light up, ensuring that you end up with a very unique show. It looks and works great in the dark, and it also adds an awesome reflection on the ceiling while at “work”. As long as it can plug in via USB, it will work just nice!

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