The Tzukuri Sunglasses can never be lost

Tzukuri Sunglasses

Try as we might, we’re bound to lose our sunglasses. We only wear them when the sun is in our eyes, and as it darkens our vision when it isn’t overtly bright, we remove them without thinking and set them down in places we can easily forget them. They aren’t a necessary item like our keys, phone, or wallet, so they are far easier to lose track of.

If you’re tired of constantly having to replace the sun shields for your eyes, then you might want the Tzukuri Sunglasses. These can be tracked through an app on your smartphone so you’ll never be wondering where you might have left them. This can work with long distances like the coffee shop the next town over, or shorter distances like the bathroom sink when you’re in the living room. It’s a bit overkill, but they really are way too easy to lose forever. Whenever you step too far from your sunglasses, your phone will alert you. You’ll have three chances at different distances for reminders, but after that point you’ll have to rely on GPS to track them down.

Seeing that this is a $299 pair of sunglasses, they’re definitely not something you’re going to want to lose. These are made of and packaged with 100% recycled materials. The only hue options available for pre-order are glossy black and matte tortoise, but they come in a variety of styles (they’re very subtle differences). These are said to have capabilities of working with smart homes and letting you know how close or far you are from friends. Sounds like a bit much for a pair of glasses you’ll only use during spring and summer, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Available for preorder on Tzukuri, found via theredferret